Ruth: Moab is a place you can find God

Today I am journeying away from the text and stepping back out to look at the big picture again. I have been talking to so many mothers who's kids have left 'the house of bread' and gone seeking to have their hunger filled somewhere else. This is a story they could well sit in and … Continue reading Ruth: Moab is a place you can find God


Ruth: God is King

One of the 'rules' in our home is 'there is only one king in this home and there is only room for 1'. If you try and act like the king, you get to serve the person you are attempting to rule over. There is this natural tendency in all of us to rule and … Continue reading Ruth: God is King

Ruth 1:1 ‘The Days of the Judges’

If I were to write someone's story one of the first things I would do is create some context for that story...location, time period, history and characters. One thing I appreciate about the author of Ruth is that they give me context for the book in the very first verse. Like any good biography this … Continue reading Ruth 1:1 ‘The Days of the Judges’

Facing off with My Own Saducees

I can easily feel intimidated when I feel like I must be guarded. It was the first time I was to preach with an interpreter and I knew I had a message that would ruffle some feathers. I also felt absolutely no fear and 100 % passion. As I watched that altar fill with people and get set free that night...I had faced off with my very own sadducees...