Ruth 1:1 Am I Looking for MOAB?

The whole story of Ruth is written about two significant places - Bethlehem and Moab. Moab has always had an interesting back story when it comes to the people of Israel. Moabites were the decendents of Lot and Moab literally means ‘of the Father’ because Moab was the result of Lot’s daughter sleeping with Lot. … Continue reading Ruth 1:1 Am I Looking for MOAB?


Ruth: The Name of Naomi

I 've always thought the name JOY was a beautiful descriptive name but a tough name to have if you are going through a hard time or something tragic. Joy would be a name you would feel you had to live up to. Not a bad thing really until she feels sadness or grief. Naomi … Continue reading Ruth: The Name of Naomi

Ruth 1:2 His Wife’s Name was ‘Naomi’

Ruth 1:2 ...and his wife's name was Naomi</blockquote> The name Naomi is derived from the verb נעם (na'em) meaning to be pleasant, sweet, delightful, beautiful. This word 'delightful' is a word God gave me for my daughter when I was pregnant with her. As I look at this scripture today I reminded of that word...over … Continue reading Ruth 1:2 His Wife’s Name was ‘Naomi’