Ruth: God is King

One of the 'rules' in our home is 'there is only one king in this home and there is only room for 1'. If you try and act like the king, you get to serve the person you are attempting to rule over. There is this natural tendency in all of us to rule and... Continue Reading →


Cheers To The Whispered ‘Yes’

Several years ago I had a revelation..'I needed to feel heard'. This means that when I speak and no-one takes notice I get louder. So my kids and hubby know that if I have something important to say they need to not just hear me, but make sure I feel heard.for clarity.... a silent response... Continue Reading →

When the begger is me 

 I love how a simple story can turn into something powerful when the Holy Spirit takes some simple words and begins to speak into my own story.  As I was reading the story in Acts 3 about a crippled beggar I began to mull over what being the beggar in the story would have felt... Continue Reading →

Watching From a Distance

Good Friday better way to conclude my thoughts on being visionary then to look closely at Jesus and the story that changed everything.  It seems appropriate to fix my eyes on Jesus, to focus on Jesus ,  who chose to see me, while facing the pain and anguish of his crusifixition and as he... Continue Reading →

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