My Eyes Are On Peter…

As I approach the end of Acts chapter 4, the disciple Peter (known as Simon in the gospel who Jesus renamed Peter) is continuing to astound me mostly because of the effect the Holy Spirit has had on him. I can't forget who Peter was before the Holy Spirit came. What was happening  in the... Continue Reading →


That word again….

Have you ever heard someone talk about their devotions and you feel the cringe..the sense of guilt that you just can't seem to get it right. Or is it something you do on occasion when you get 5 minutes to yourself? This word devotion is a word I find myself cringing at because it hauls... Continue Reading →

Acts 2 

Acts 2When the day Pentecost had came... I grew up in what was known as a Pentecostal church. It sounds like a comfortable jacket and and something I am familiar with. It is also something I associate with the book of the book of Acts and all that happened in chapter 2. The danger of... Continue Reading →

Acts 1:8

I am once again embarking on a journey through a book of the BIble and you are invited to journey with me. Please don't expect perfection here because you won't find it. You will, however, find my thoughts and many unanswered questions, as I seek to understand and live out what Dr Luke has written... Continue Reading →

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