Ruth 1:1 ‘The Days of the Judges’

If I were to write someone's story one of the first things I would do is create some context for that story...location, time period, history and characters. One thing I appreciate about the author of Ruth is that they give me context for the book in the very first verse. Like any good biography this... Continue Reading →


Lessons from Acts Chapter 6

Back in my 'pre-kids-working-full- time' life, I was working for a company that specialised in Corporate Psychology. My boss was a highly trained Psychologist who spent most days helping large company managers and leaders analyse and develop their leadership potential. One of the things I learnt to do in my role...

The Unfamiliar Track

'As my feet hit the rise of 2017 on this path I call life, I am keen to take what is happening in the natural and apply it to my spiritual 'run'. I don't want 2017 to be about hankering after old pathways and the familiar tracks. Actually that is not true....'

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