That word again….

Have you ever heard someone talk about their devotions and you feel the cringe..the sense of guilt that you just can't seem to get it right. Or is it something you do on occasion when you get 5 minutes to yourself? This word devotion is a word I find myself cringing at because it hauls … Continue reading That word again….


She is…She Reads Truth

There is one question in the month of January, I get asked more than any other time of the year and it is usually in the third week, when we are thinking about getting back into routine, back to work, and we are struggling to get our New Years resolutions of perfection off the ground … Continue reading She is…She Reads Truth

Saint Jennifer It Is – Devotions 5

Reading: started reading Philippians one chapter 1 ..stopped at verse 1 We have in our family what is called Mazey code. It is the Mazey way of doing things. You can only be a Mazey kid if you belong to our family. Being a Mazey requires certain values and ethics and responsibilities but there are … Continue reading Saint Jennifer It Is – Devotions 5