Ruth 1:2 My God is King

  The man's name was Elimelech. (Ruth 1:2) Elimilech means 'My God is King' Before I look at Elimilech as a man and what the Bible can teach me about him....his name immediately causes me to ask myself some it true? Is my God is king? What does my God is king mean for … Continue reading Ruth 1:2 My God is King


Ruth 1:1 ‘The Days of the Judges’

If I were to write someone's story one of the first things I would do is create some context for that story...location, time period, history and characters. One thing I appreciate about the author of Ruth is that they give me context for the book in the very first verse. Like any good biography this … Continue reading Ruth 1:1 ‘The Days of the Judges’

Cheers To The Whispered ‘Yes’

Several years ago I had a revelation..'I needed to feel heard'. This means that when I speak and no-one takes notice I get louder. So my kids and hubby know that if I have something important to say they need to not just hear me, but make sure I feel heard.for clarity.... a silent response … Continue reading Cheers To The Whispered ‘Yes’