Hi and welcome to a little bit about me (because this is definitely not the full story). I was born to missionary parents which meant the majority of my childhood was spent in the heart of Africa. I came back to Australia at the age of 10 and eventually moved to Toowoomba, a large rural city in country Queensland. At the age of 21 while completing a degree at University I felt God leading me to pursue the call of God I had on my life for ministry.  I met my hubby at Bible College. Following College we went back to Adelaide where he was from and were married a year later.

We now have two amazing children we have been gifted with: Ethan Alexander (born in 2003) and Brooke Eden-Grace (born in 2004). Steve and I were married in 1997, spending our first few years doing youth ministry in a variety of different contexts before  several settling in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne in 2005. In early 2016 God began to speak to us about moving back to country Victoria and by the end of the year transitioned to living in a large Rural City in regional Victoria – the city of Bendigo, where we now serve as Campus Pastors.

I miss having extended family nearby and would love my kids to be close to their cousins who are all interstate, but God has blessed us with amazing friends and church family over their lives who fill the gap and make the journey of life so much more delightful than we could have hoped for.

I am passionate, opinionated and live with a strong sense of conviction and determination. I love the fact that God has given me a husband who is extremely wise, loyal and crazy fun. I don’t think I ever have a day when he doesn’t say something that makes me chuckle or smile. I also love that both my kids have inherited that same wit. They think laughter and joy are a part of everyday life.

I love sunshine, I love coffee, and and I love faith words.  I love being around people and find that my greatest days are a good balance of all those things.I have a love-hate relationship with exercise and running as I am not wired for that sort of pain but you will find me a few times a week looking for a path to run on.

I love God and am passionate about my relationship with Him and how that works out in my day-to-day life and find it almost unfathomable to see people existing without Him in their lives…or in a limited measure.

This blog simply gives me an opportunity to meet MY QUOTA of words, should I not get the opportunity to do so in any given day. I have plenty of them on offer and blogging, I hope, will give me the chance to process them outside my head and heart.





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