Ruth 2:1 Hope is on the Horizon

“Now Naomi had a relative on her husband’s side, a man of standing from the clan of Elimelek, whose name was Boaz.”

‭‭Ruth‬ ‭2:1‬ ‭

The first chapter of Ruth opens with a famine and closes with a harvest. That too is my story. My story is not ending in Moab but in the house of bread. This is the place of provision and prosperity.

Hope is on the horizon. That is always my story because CHRIST is always in my future not just my present.

Coming to the end of Ruth chapter one is like coming to the end of a year…

I have read and listened to the whole story several times in the last few weeks  and the distinct feeling I get is that I know this whole story but Ruth didn’t. And that is me… She only had a commitment and some hope. We know how the story ends but in our own lives we are not much different to Ruth. We only have a commitment and some hope. We can not see the Boaz moments up ahead. The story of Ruth helps me keep my hope alive. I haven’t a clue what the pages of my future contain. I may only have my past, my commitment and some hope but I also have the many stories of people like Ruth to keep my hope alive. I know that God is about to show up for Ruth in the most precious and beautiful way and that is my story too.

When Ruth arrived in Bethlehem..she is still a widow, a foreigner and reliant on those around her to meet her needs. Nothing changes even when we can see Boaz on the horizon. She is clueless to what we know.

2018 is the unfolding story of the God’s faithfulness over my life. I am expecting the provision and faithfulness of God to bring about the miraculous over my life, my Mazey family and my church family, over my calling and my commitments and over my devotion to JESUS. Hope is on the horizon and I am facing it just as Ruth did ..allowing the harvest and new beginning and the future to define me. Ruth did not spew her grief and past over those she met in her new world. The story of Ruth, and the beauty of ‘the word’ becoming flesh in my heart helps give me refresh perspective on what is to come.

What is God going to divinely orchestrate for me? The introduction to the readers of a Boaz, before Ruth gets to meet him is a reminder that we don’t know the Boaz moments in our life up ahead but this is a promise to the reader that they  are there, waiting in our future but we, like Ruth can not see them.

This story builds my faith in God and his provision for me, It affirms my faith that he has gone before me to set in place the seasons, dates and times, people and places to help me continue to collide with my purpose. I do not need to know the details or even have assurance in order to trust him. I simply need faith to trust him. The story of Ruth feeds my faith!!! Her circumstances didn’t change just because a Boaz is somewhere up ahead. She is still in this moment a widow and in need of bread.

What divine appointments is God going to bring across my path? A Boaz and this story is not just a romance story…it is a story that tells me what God has in store for me …godly connections that are a part of his unfolding story for humanity.

What is required of me in the areas of faithfulness and hard work that are simply the outworking of my faith and commitment to the God I serve? Ruth shows me what is required of me not just in hope and commitment but in faith processed through hard work.

What is up ahead that may require audacious faith and humility, that will link me to God’s purpose, not just for me but for those who are connected to me? Hard work is on the horizon but connected to my faith it has purpose.

I face the days laid out before me the same way Ruth faced a life of new beginnings in Bethlehem…with uncertainty and questions but also a great sense of hope in a God who wants to knit my life into his story of redemption for mankind. I have more than Ruth had in that moment. I have her entire story. She has only some of it. I may feel I only have my Moab story but I also have other stories and can see the entire plan of salvation written in the scriptures.

Hope is on the horizon and his name is JESUS and the rest of 2018 is already full of grace and mercy!!! How do I know because ‘the Word’ (through this story of Ruth) reminds me …JESUS is in my story. He is not just in my testimony or my current situation… He is in my future. Hope and grace are on the horizon.

The introduction of Boaz , by the author at the beginning of chapter 2 is intentional and so helps me get excited about what is ahead…Ruth can not see Boaz yet but I get to see him and this helps me when I can not see the BOAZ moments in my own life. the author reminds me today that there is a Boaz in my story…a full of the divine provision of my God.


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