Ruth: The Orpah Choice

We all have a choice…Orpah chose, Ruth chose, Naomi chose. Orpah chose to go back ..back to what she knew.

My choice today (in any circumstance) is to make the Ruth Choice ..the unseen, crazy leap of faith choice, cleave and cling choice or the Orpah Choice – the safe, go back, go back to worshipping other more valued things. The choices for both Ruth and Orpah are emotional and are full of question marks and what ifs…. But in Ruth’s choice there is the brave GOD factor. The brave with a capital G choice.

I have had many seasons in my life where I have been tempted to make Orpah choices. Returning to what I know and placing my hope in the familiar because the Ruth choices seems way too hard or too scarey. For Ruth and Orpah…their choice to leave Moab is very different to Naomi’s. Each of us have a different reason for moving out from where we are to connect with our destiny. God will use anything to draw us out of Moab.

Not every one I love will have the same connection and commitment to me. Naomi didn’t want Ruth or Orpah to keep going with her. It may have been compassion. She had left everything when she was young, She knew what it was like to leave her home town and her family and the familiar. It may have been her self absorption and grief and the desire to do this journey in isolation and alone. My response can be the same as Naomi. I don’t want anyone to join me on my journey. I just want to do this on my own. Survival in me pushes people away. When survival has worked in the past , taking responsibility for someone else and their journey can be really hard and burden that grief thinks it can not carry.

Today I am looking at a variety of areas in my life and so many my default decisions are to take the Orpah choice . I like safe, easy, predictable and ‘living by sight’ choices. Time to engage my ‘living by faith’ choices instead of ‘living by my sight’ choice. This is making me think…is there a Ruth choice here???…not dependant on what the Naomi people who are trying to make me make ‘living by sight’ Orpah choices and living by what others are trying convince me to do. The older I get the more comfort I want. My default is no longer adventure and crazy wild choices and the ‘ what I know ‘ choices. Safe and less is what I will turn to rather than the adventure and crazy leap of faith choices…but leap of faith choices are my call!!! I am called to love by faith and not by sight but Orpah makes so much more sense.

I always want to choose leaving more than the staying. But that can mean I sometimes want more leaving than staying…


One thought on “Ruth: The Orpah Choice

  1. Thankyou for your everyday postings Jenny..for reminding me its not about my comfy default, my distractions, my procrastinations of security…But Gods path, Gods promises, Gods word, Gods truth,Gods direction, Gods comfort, for each day, each hour, each minute, each breath.

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