‘Lover Of God’ (Acts 1:1)

I am once again embarking on a journey through a book of the BIble and you are invited to journey with me. Please don’t expect perfection here because you won’t find it.  You will, however, find my thoughts and many unanswered questions,  as I seek to understand and live out what Dr Luke has written about Jesus and his disciples.  

I love that Luke spent a lot of time with Jesus during his life and spent so much time with the key characters of this book while he was writing. We know that when Paul was facing being matyred, Luke was the only one keeping him company (2 Timothy 4:11). We are not sure in what capacity but it speaks volumes of the depth of relationship he had with one of many of my heroes that he writes abut in this letter. It is also vital read for me as a leader in a church context.  

Luke articulates details about the formation and expansion of the church and is honest about the tensions and challenges and opporunities for personal growth that arise in any context such as this one. 

 Acts 1:1. ‘To the LOVER OF GOD...’ The Passion Translation

Dr Luke wrote this book to someone called Theophilus.  I have no idea who Theophilus was BUT I do love that his name means ‘LOVER OF GOD’
I fit the description…I too can be ‘Theophilous’. I too am a LOVER OF GOD. I can read this book as if Luke is writing this  letter to me, personally. Everything I read as I journey through this book, is from the position of a ‘lover of God’.  

Tomorrow, is Valentines day and all about being loved. How often does a relationship with someone become aut how much they love me. OUr relationship with a God can be he same. Our relationship with him becomes about  how much he loves me or or how much we don’t feel loved by him. Luke  doesn’t address the reader as  ‘Loved by God’. He addresses the letter to a lover of God. 

What does it mean to be a ‘lover of God’?

My questions as I journey theough this book, are as a ‘ lover of God,
‘To Jenny (Lover of God)…

How does knowing this letter was written to me personally, effect how I read and live it? 

How does being a lover of God impact on my daily life? 

How would a lover of God respond to this situation?

How does life differ for me as a lover of God compared to one who is not a lover of God?

How does a lover of God respond to the words Luke is writing?

What does it mean to be a ‘lover of God’ 

I am not a 3rd person reader of this book…I am the recipient of God’s words written to me (via Luke).

It makes me want to jump into this book …heart first. 

Acts 1:1. ‘To the LOVER OF GOD…’ (The Passon Translation)


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