img_0525My kids have new iPads for school which means I have been given Ethan’s ‘old’ Mac.  As I have been updating my profile from a teenager who love sport and basketball to something a little more ‘me’, I have discovered some funny things about my boy that I didn’t know.  When you do a search for my contact, he has me listed as ‘lovely mum’. When you do a search for his contact he has named himself  ‘you legend’. Every time he asks SIRI a question, she reponds with ‘YOU LEGEND’. When ask a question in my profile she calls me’ Lovely Mum’. How cool is it ,that of all the things he could call me, he calls me ‘LOVELY MUM’ and of all the things he thinks about his teenage self is that he is a ‘legend’.  On any given day when things are not going so well or he is having a bad day…siri speaks to him from the computer and calls him a legend and speaks something positive over him because that is what he has told her to say.  I love that when I open my computer and ask Siri a question …she responds to me as ‘lovely mum’ because my son has told her that is what I am to be called.  It doesn’t surprise me because it is the payoff of hard work on our part.

Over the short time I have been a mum I have been intentional about how we speak to each other and what we say about each other. In our family I tolerate a lot of stuff but will not tolerate name calling or put downs.  No one (including Steve and I) is allowed to call anyone names. both inside and outside the home.  Parenting is hard work and staying on top of the language in our home is hard work. It is something I have been diligent about because I know that one day there will be a rewards and a return on my investment.  I know the power of words and the creative prophetic nature of words, both positive and negative.  We live in a culture of put downs and cheap shot comments. My kids now keep us accountable for our words and are quick to note if someone around them is not being careful with what they call others.  As a parent, it means I have to be careful how I address their behaviour so that I address the actions and not the person.  In the heat of an argument or frustration …name calling and defining someone by how they acted is easy and often laziness on my part but being diligent about how you address them when their behaviour does not match their person and calling is my responsibility.  Calling someone an idiot is easy. Calling someone stupid is easy. Trying to help them see that a decision they made was not wise and helping them reflect on how they could have made a better choice…that takes intention and diligence.

God calls me names….he addresses me with names that often do not match my behaviour. I love that he calls me ‘saint’ when my behaviour is not saintly. I love that he calls me righteous based on who his son is not how I have acted in a moment of frustration. He never uses my behaviour to define me but he does address my behaviour. He empowers me to live and behave accordingly to what he has named me. He calls you by name….not often the name you would give yourself.

Today….I’m going with ‘lovely mum’ ….


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  1. Jenny, that was so beautiful. Perserverance is the key, i can see all the Perserverance and hard work I invested in my boys lives has paid off. I can see quality in the way they live their lives and those things i thought were important to me i can now see in them. Bless you Jenny as you see all those things come to fruition in your kids lives.

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