She Shines in the Darkness.


imageI was recently sitting in a meeting where God began to speak a  prophetic word over my heart. It was about how he scribed who he was over my life (his greatness and goodness, and character, his strength, his grace, himself, his love his purpose and his intentions). My reality is that there have been many things that have been scribed over my life..some light and some dark shadows. Some things were because I was at the mercy of others choices and other times a direct result of my own choices and often immaturity or selfishness or fear. As I scribed these words in my journal, I felt that God was reminding me that long before any of these shadows were written into my story, he wrote himself into my story and that Jesus name and all that he is has been scribed over my life. It takes precedence over any darkness and wins out over any shadow. 

As I consider again, that Jesus has called me light, it is a revelation to me that Jesus declared himself light before he called me light. 

Jesus takes his own identity and name and scribes it, declares it and prophecies it more than 2000 year before I even come into existence. YOU ARE LIGHT. He places his own identity on me. 

Jesus called me light.

I have a name and it is LIGHT.

I have an identity and it is light.

Myy question is this: does darkness, (darkness on my journey, darkness  that has been a part of my journey, darkness within me, circumstances that have cast shadows over my life, my character and my person), have the power to diminish the light within me? 

Is it my identity that informs my behaviour and response to darkness?


Is it the knowledge of my identity that informs my behaviour and response to darkness?

Through experience I have learnt that it does not matter what Jesus has scribed, declared or prophecies over my life if I do not know it and do not believe it and it does not change me. But does my experience define how light works?

I love how Jesus  partners identity with responsibility!!!! YES he calls me ‘light’ but he also gives me instruction…SHINE…and SHINE  in such a way that people recognise that what is shining from my life is nothing but the light of God.

Who is she, who shines like the moon? She is light. My prayer is that my identity will inform my behaviour; that the revelation of this identity will cause me to shine so bright that it affects my works and produces works that bring glory to God.

Are my good works a reflection of God’s glory in me or are they simply an effort to gain approval from the one who has already scribed his name (light) over my life.

Darkness tried hard to define me but if God says I am light then the darkness and shadows over my life, environment, situation can not overcome who God says I am. If he says I am light, what others say about me, does not define me. Slander does not define who I am, experiences does not define who I am and even my sin does not define who I am.  Jesus called me light but I have a responsibility to shine and to keep my light on.

My prayer is that my identity will inform my behaviour and my response to darkness, not the other way round.


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