She Is A Visionary

One of the joys of being a ministry family is the opportunity to have ministry guests
spend time with you our family. When my son was about four, we had a guest preacher come and stay with us and when she left she gave my boy a gift. That gift used to sit next to his bed and did so for a number of years but now sits in his ‘special box’. I think he probably won’t ever get rid of it and on occasions has pulled it out smiled and put it back in the box. It was a picture of some people he doesn’t know and has never met. It was a photo of her family and when she gave it to him she pointed t one of her boys and said he reminded her of him. This picture was given to him to remind him of the prophetic word she had over him and to remember when he felt as if he was the only one who could see things, that there was another boy just like him with a similar God-given gift over his life doing extraordinary things with this life and that he was not alone in navigating what that gift means. When he was given his present, this lady told him he was a ‘seer’ ….someone who sees things that others don’t see and there would be times he would see things that he may wish he didn’t see. I have no doubt that just like Ethan, God has given me that gift…the gift to see. I am a seer. I am look-er. I am a visionary….one who sees what others can’t see.

Rather than look at a book of the Bible or a character, I feel God has given me a scripture to unpack and explore this year and it is  found in Song of Solomon 6:10.

Who is she who looks forth as the dawn;

Shines like the moon;

Clear as the sun

Awesome as an army with banners?

This verse has become an anchor for me over the past 6 months.

When I feel overwhelmed, when I can’t see ahead, when I feel stuck, when I am unsure of what to do…I hear this verse and feel God stirring my heart with a EEm that defies where I am at and what is going on around me.  I hear the Holy Spirit challenge…where are you looking, where is your focus, take another look, where are you finding your eyes, lift up yr  eyes and see… What are yyour fixating on that for? Where is your gaze? You are a visionary…change you ur focus and see what God wants you to see.

The very first part of this verse articulates for me, my call to be a visionary, one who looks, one who is a ‘seer

Who is she who looks forth as the dawn?’

She is a visionary…
What does it mean for me to be a who sees? What is a seer?

Who is she who looks forth as the dawn?
She is one who faces forward, eyes ahead.

She one with her eyes wide open.

She is not found dreaming or asleep but fully awake, eager to push the night behind her.

She is one expecting that her days ahead are brighter than her days behind.

She is one who has known seasons of darkness but not stayed there.

She is one who knows how to see past where she is, to the future and all it holds.

She is one whose eyes are lifted up not cast down.

She is one who knows how to see the unseeable and and align her life with what she is looking towards not what she sees in the natural.

She is one who who knows how to see past dark shadows to the brightness of her future.

When dawn casts shadows over her present she is not cast down but looks up and out to all that God is about to do on her behalf.

She recognises that darkness is not her doing or the result of her experience but a reality she must move out of.
She is a visionary for herself but also for those she leads and has influence over.

She is a visionary for her family.

She is a visionary for her kids.

She is a visionary for her marriage.

She is a visionary for her work place and her work colleagues.

She is a visionary for her friends.

She is a visionary for her school.

She is a visionary for her community group and nurture group.

She is a visionary for her church.

She is a visionary in her local and global context.
She sees possibilities.

She sees opportunities.

She sees obstacles and ways to overcome them.

She see what others don’t see.

She see with the eyes of faith.

She see with the eyes of the Spirit.

She see with the eyes of maturity.

Just as the prophets of old (men and women who God entrusted with a clear view of the future) were called SEERS she too is a who God entrusts with a clear view of the future.

The enemy will use my days to distract me, distort my focus and get me to look away. He wants me fixated not focus and he wants me confused over what I see or where I am looking. He wants me to see through the lens of my past, through my disappointment; through the lens of my pain, through the lenses of rejection and depression and anxiety and self preservation but I want to see the future with new lens and see what God is trying to show me. I want to see through the eyes of faith and a lens that brings clarity and perspective, and helps your see what is really there not what I feel or see in the natural or through my experience.
Her eyes are fixed on Jesus not fixated in her problems or other circumstances.
She is not just a visionary, she executes her life according to what she sees.

When the reality does not align itself with her vision, she makes changes to ensure she is not stuck.

She executes a plan to match what she sees.

She believes that without vision, she will perish but with vision she will flourish. She is passionate about seeing.
When she feel frustrated it is because she is a visionary and she has hit a road block and must reevaluate how to navigate obstacles and hurdles. Frustration can leave us stuck or lead us to take another look and see again.
She is a hurdler..she knows how to overcome because she sees beyond obstacles.

She looks with perspective.
This is a year of learning how to see in the dark, to look ahead not behind and to use hindsight to teach me how to see more clearly.

I want to become an expert in night vision,
Double vision is division and leads to confusion and
She see with an eternal perspective ..she is not caught up in the he and now.

I know that the enemy wants me to stay in the dark

I know the enemy wants to distract me, confuse me and darken my path.

I know the enemy wants me to lose my focus and get me fixated on problems.

He does not want it said of me that she is a seer and a visionary.

He does not want me to see clearly.

He does not want me to see with faith nor impossible.

I know the enemy wants to steal my hope and sabotage my future and he will use anything and he wants me to be looking anywhere but where God is taking me.
Over the past few months the last thing I want to do is look ahead but this verse has been an anchor to my soul but also the momentum I have needed to get me unstuck emotionally. i am called to be a visionary, a seer and that calling undergirds how I make decisions and how I respond to being blindsided.
Over the last four months as I have sat in this scripture…in the middle of a difficult day I hear the Holy Spirit whisper in my heart. ‘She looks forth as the dawn…she is a seer…she is a visionary’
She is a visionary ….one who sees.

i don’t just want to see, I want to execute my life according to what I see.  iF I see obstacles, I want to learn and actively overcome them. I am not just about eyeing but act ivory putting in place the things that will help those things become a realiy not remain an ideal,

There have been many things Ethan has seen over his short life, that has affirmed his identity as a ‘seer’. It has been an interest role as a parent to help him navigate what hat means for him and helping him to not only see problems but come up with solitons or let go of what he can not change. This term ‘seer’ is what prophets of old were called because they had a supernatural capacity to what others couldn’t. I want that supernatural visionary edge in my walk with God. I believe we are called to be seers…to see with the eyes of faith, to see things that others can’t see and to execute and walk out our journey grace with a supernatural capacity to lead our lives and those we as ‘seers’ .

This term I want to explore the scriptures and understand my call to see, to be lead by vision not by my circumstances and by what I see in he natural and allow the scriptures to help me define what being a visionary looks like for me in my daily walk. When my kids are stuck in a hard place I want to help them see and navigate their way out of where they are.
I don’t just want to be visionary…I want to get better at executing my life according to what I see not what I see according to what God shows me, not what life is showing me, I want to approach my circumstances and navigate my journey as a visionary not a realist.  I want to make decisions, to love others, to lead, and to do life as a visionary, a seer, one who sees not as one who is stuck, blind, overwhelmed, living out of a place of fear or avoiding hard things because I can see past it.

The danger is that I lose the joy of living in the moment and as I navigate this concept of being a seer, I want to do so without losing sight of where I am right now.

She looks forth as the dawn…that is this verse as a daily goal means not just being a dreamer but living the dream and doing  life that according to what I see.

I don’t want to talk about vision ….I want to activate vision and execute my life with intention not reaction, by faith, not fear, by hope not disappointment.


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  1. Awesome Jenny. I love this follow on from Flourish Brunch. Thankyou for grounding us as we launch into life with INTENTION, FAITH, HOPE!

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