She is…She Reads Truth

There is one question in the month of January, I get asked more than any other time of the year and it is usually in the third week, when we are thinking about getting back into routine, back to work, and we are struggling to get our New Years resolutions of perfection off the ground or they have completely failed us already. I get asked this question in phone messages, emails, my Facebook inbox and over coffee dates. It is from a variety of different people from many different walks of life and you may well have asked it yourself. Maybe it is a question you have been asking as well. The question?

‘Can you recommend a good devotional?’

What you do devotionally depends so much on the season you are in and what you spiritual needs are and where God is leading you.  This blog post is simply to direct those who need help rather than for those who already have a consistent and thriving  devotional life.

My starting point is : use your iPhone/iPad or android and both of my recommecndations use these.  If you don’t have a phone /iPad then these won’t suit you but my assumption is that you do.

YouVersion is a good start and an app on your phone that gives you access to the Bible in many versions anywhere anytime.  There are many different devotions on there and I often use YouVersion to listen to the Bible BUT, there are a couple of others devotional phone/iPad apps that are even better: ‘First Five’ and ‘She Reads Truth’.

I love that they are connected to my callander,  my alarm and a community of other women who are doing the same devotion.

The writers are gifted teachers  and both apps have an option to simply read the devotion, or if you have time, and the Holy Soirit is revealing something to you, you can explore more.

Click on the blue writing below and it will take to their site and you can read more. But more importantly…download the apps and start today.

FirstFive is produced by a favourite author of mine – Lysa Terquierst and her Proverbs 31 team.

The other is SheReadsTruth produced by a team of Bible Teachers who I have loved for years.




There is also a guy version for men who need help : <;

I would love to hear from you.

What are some things that sabotage your devotional life?

Are there some things that have helped you stay on track with your devotions?


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