Joseph: Getting a Kid’s Perspective

When I first decided to walk  my way through the story of Jospeh, we were travelling through Asia.  We were needing to find something that gave the kids some rhythm  and normal and I simply chose devotions as a routine thing more than a spirtual choice but from simply choosing a great story to read, this has become my daily manna for weeks. Picture me sitting on the end of some random  bed after a long day of crazy wondering and adventure and needing to get the kids wound down to sleep and me getting lost in the story and my kids obliviously allowing seeds to be sown in their hearts as they drift off to sleep….not always this perfect, but In reality the story did not just come alive for me again. I have always loved reading Bible stories to the kids but I must admit going back to these Bible stories now that the kids are older…is way better.  Yesterday, I replayed the story of Jospeh on the way to school and by now the kids have listened to these few chapters a number of times, as I  play them often while they are in the car or while I  am doing stuff around the house and they are playing . Today as we did the long drive up the hill to their  school, we listened to the portion from when Jospeh  got to potiphars house as a slave all the way to the point where the cup bearer remembers Jospeh after Pharoah has a dream  (Genesis 39-40).  It only took about 5 minutes to listen to, so we spent the rest of the drive chatting about the story. I asked the kids if there anything that stood  to them. 

Some of their insights :

Joseph  was doing the right thing and still got in trouble. Is it worth doing something right if you are going to get out in prison for it?

Joseph  must have been good at what he did but the real reason he did well was because God was with him. 

God was with him…and never left him.  he was with him in each part of the story.  

This story is just as much about God as it is about Joseph.

When the cup bearer forgot about him, God was still with him. just because we feel forgotten does not mean God is not with us nor has he forgotten us

When we go through hard stuff or stuff is done to us that we don’t choose, God us with us and will help us succeed even in that.

This story  mentions jackets a lot.  A Jacket is taken off him by his brothers.A jacket is taken off him by Potiohers wife.  he takes off his prison clothes to go see Pharoah.  he would have been given a new jacket by Pharoah when he was appointed. 

If Joseph had been bitter or angry he would not have been able to help baker and the cupbearer or Pharaoh. Joseph was sad and hurt but he did not stop helping other people. 

He was forgotten for two years.  We don’t like being forgotten for two minutes.

God was with him all the time but he was still sad and still grieving. 

Joseph had to go to prison to meet the cupbearer.  There may be times when I end up in hard places because it is the  way for me to get to where I need to be and Joseph needed to be as close to Pharoah as the cupbearer  and that is pretty close. 

It was thier insights and not mine that helped me see something fresh today.  it helped me realise too, why I love our nurture groups so much…it is often what others see, that sepia to my situation and what I see speaks to theirs.

I hope just one of these thoughts speaks to your heart today.  I came away with great appreciation for a simple conversation with my kids that left me so much to think about throughout the day.  Two of these comments have been my manna today and helped me process some situations from a Godly perspective…Maybe ynhave some insight that y can add that someone else may need to see. 


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