Ruth 4- Back to Fullness

I am grateful for my long slow journey through the book of Ruth. I haven’t visited Ruth for a few weeks as I have taken a break from blogging and focussed on other writing and editing projects but to move on in my blogging I really want to finish this book. It has been refreshing to return to this story with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective.
Chapter 2 and 3 bring into focus two important characters and their love story but chapter four pulls away from these characters and revisits the story of Naomi. The romantic in me wants me to remind the author that girls want to stay here for a while, but the author takes us to another scene. The author is not interested in my need for romance..and the details of the wedding and whether or not she had cravings or morning sickness while she awaited the arrival of her son. The author has a separate agenda in which I need to see. This  is so me. I want to remain with the romance but God has a slightly different agenda…he wants to give purpose to the the romance and move me into the reason and the object.
So instead of chapter four being about a chapter in Ruth and Boaz’s story, the author returns to Naomi.

Father,  when I get caught up in the romance and even in the lack of it me to look deeper to the purpose and broader so I can keep perspective.


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