Ruth 2:4 A Man named Boaz

In Ruth Chapter 2, we have already been told to look out for Boaz so when Ruth ‘just happens’ to be in the right field we feel the author is winking at us. She is looking for a field where she will find kindness and favour from the harvesters and little does she know that not only will she find it from the harvesters, but from the owner and in ways she never dreamed.

If someone was looking for a field to glean from, would they end up
in my field, because the culture and the language is one of kindness, favour and blessing .

We get to actually meet Boaz when he arrives in his field. He isn’t an absent farmer. He has not distanced himself from his followers . Leadership doesn’t remove him from caring and being involved.

Boaz himself arrives on the scene addressing his workers with a blessing. This speaks volumes about his character.

I must remember that Boaz is not doing this to be noticed but it comes from who he is. He hasn’t even met Ruth, let alone try to impress her. Boaz is simply being himself. The author is setting the scene for what is so right about this story. This man is going to be a good one, not because of what he did when he meets a pretty girl, but how he treats his workers, his language, and his character when there is no girl to impress. It is how I treat my kids, my staff, my friends when there is none to impress that speaks of who I really am. It is what I say to those I am responsible for , in the heat of the day or the moment that show who I am.

Manhood lesson: teach Ethan to bless those he encounters not curse or ignore or grunt…

Boaz speaks a language we recognise… The language of his faith. He encounters the men and women who were harvesting his land with a blessing not a curse.

In the process of my day,  does blessing come out of my mouth? It is deliberate and natural. Either I am a blesser or I am not. You can recognise a person’s character by how much they treat others or how much they complain or curse. We have not met Boaz but our first encounter with him is hearing him bless others!!! I am astounded at how much Christians allow themselves to whinge, complain whine and curse.
What do we hear from Boaz AND his workers???

Like Boaz, I want to speak blessing over the field I am responsible for and workers in my care. That field can change with the seasons .. At the moment, my field is my family, my church community, my workplace. Each field comes with it’s own pressures and the heat of the day. I do not want criticism or harsh frustration to be my default position.

Oh that those who are yet to meet me would hear the language of faith and a blessing before they meet me. Oh that those who encounter those in my field would hear blessing not whining and cursing.

How do I create culture, as a leader, nurturer, mum, manager, pastor, so that blessing each other is our normal?

Ruth has left her home, lost her husband and is facing the stigma of being a foreigner, and a widow. She is having to scrounge for food as provider in the middle of the day amongst workers and harvesters who she doesn’t know and what does she hear from the harvesters? She hears the sound of blessing. The calming, refreshing sound of faith and godliness in the heat of a difficult season….that is the sound of heaven. Before she meets Boaz she hears a declaration of blessing. He speaks prosperity over his workers. My field needs my prophetic declaration of blessing.
My fields need my prophetic declaration of blessing. I see my role is to create a culture where we speak the blessing and favour and presence of God over others. Whether I am one of the labourers or in charge , I am responsible for what I speak over my field!


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