Ruth 2:4 ‘just so happened’ stories

I just love love love a good love story. I am extremely pragmatic about most things most of the time, but a romantic and God-breathed partnership gets me every time.

There is something about the way the author pens this story that makes the reader feel smug. It is almost as if the author is intentionally helping us see what God is up to even though at this stage Ruth and Boaz have not yet met.. Like a well scripted play, we can see Ruth and Boaz before they see each other.

Ruth: working, sweaty, dirty hands, not really the ‘meet your new husband ‘ moment but that is not what she is there for. I genuinely believe every single girl could learn something …stop chasing the elusive boyfriend or husband and get to the field and start gleaning. Do what you have on your heart to do and it will ‘just so happen’. You will end up in the right field. Leave the rest to God and He will make the ‘just so happened’ happen. Ruth didn’t go position herself in Boaz’s field because of Boaz. She hadn’t even met him. She was looking for harvesters who were kind and showed favour and that is how she found herself in the right field. Boaz was the result of being at the right place at the right time and that can only happen without our own efforts and manipulation. But this story is far bigger than a single girl story. This story speaks to every season of my life.

The ‘just so happens’ don’t just happen and they just won’t happen while we are blaming our past, our miserable situation or blaming someone else. Ruth wasn’t pointing at Naomi wondering why she wasn’t being cared for, she wasn’t trying to get the goss from the locals and I don’t think she would have had the energy or time to join e-harmony. She has everything working against her but her ‘just so happens’ happened!!!!

Ruth wasn’t whining about the other Israelites who weren’t looking after her.

Ruth stepped out and positioned herself in the right field. She moved from the land of Moab and gave her all to God and this meant working in the heat of the day???? Surely she should have been able to put her feet up in this land of plenty and this land of harvest and let the blessings come to her?? She stepped up to take care of the very person who had pushed her away and the very person who should have been caring for her.

This is not just a story about how to meet the perfect man. It is all about what Ruth was doing when she collided with destiny. It’s a story of the tension between faith and works, grace and doing, and finding the balance between what we do and what God has already lined up and gone ahead of our doing. I love that in the middle of my marriage, ministry, mothering and caring, God is at work orchestrating a ‘just so happened’ for me. I continue to do what can be hard , but when I am doing it, it can be what positions me for the next ‘just-so-happened’. Boaz is a picture of grace on the way, colliding with me as I do what I am called to do!!!


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