Ruth: The story doesn’t stop at 1:3

I’ve been journaling my walk thought the book of Ruth for almost a month and I am still in verse 3. I feel like I am caught somewhere in the tragedy and grief of the first three verses and can’t move forward. how very much like some of us when we are caught in the tragedy of our lives and can’t seem to move. This story is a reminder that tragedy despite feeling always only three verses of a larger and more beautiful picture. God is still writing the rest of the story and this story in as reminder that as the hero and author of my story he is writing something beautiful and wonderful and joyful. I refuse to get stuck in the tragedy of my story..

There are times in my life where I feel I am stuck…like I have been caught back in verse 1-3 instead of travelling the road to chapter 4. Those times of verse1-3 can feel likes life time and can often be the place I fall back to…These versus have become a natural default position and it is often the tragic moments, the crisis moment, the things that have taught me to survive.

Paul reminds me in Galatians 5…stay in freedom..stay out of moab, remain in he he of bread, remain in freedom, remain in grace, remain in HIM. Don’t go back to Moab… Travel the hard road back to the house of freedom, grace and miracles. Refuse to return to the slavery mentality of your tragic painful moments and how you dealt with them. Refuse to remain in grief and the familiar of empty opportunity and empty arms. I feel that tension and the temptation to go to what I know rather that what faith is requiring me.

When in grief, pain and doubt…choose what faith requires….Naomi felt em toy and that’s didn’t change until well after the Ruth had met BOAZ. Nearly cheery thing she did was done on empty and done by faith. Both Moab and Bethlehem require a journey….one of fear and out and one of fear and faith.


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