Ruth : Harvesting grain does not make bread

So today I am thinking about bread. I’m hungry …. But I only have grain in my basket .. What is it I need to do to make the grain palatable? I am thinking about spiritual bread.

It is my responsibility to help people learn how to make bread out of grain.. But Jesus did not call himself the grain of life . He called himself the bread of life.

In the times back in the wilderness God provides manna.

In the times of the judges, manna wasn’t falling from the sky…but the wilderness had taught them to rely on God in times of need…Why did this family seek their miracle somewhere else. God can provide grain which requires a miracle just as much as he can provide manna. He is my source of resource..not the land or place or situation or church or small group I find myself .

If I am relying on the land to provide bread, I am relying on the natural instead of the supernatural and it will always leave me yearning, feeling short changed and lacking.

As I begin my travels with these three women back to Bethlehem — I want to see the Manna miracles of provision because any way forward requires me to connect with God in that way or I am t really returning to where I’ll g to be. As I prepare to leave Moab on the journey back, on the journey of returning, on the passage of humility…I want to see in my journey not just the natural but the supernatural and what Naomi journey of return can teach me and what Ruth journey of faith can teach me and what Orpah’s return to Moab can teach me. My prayer today is that Each of he women in this story will add someone to the canvass of my life.


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