Ruth: Moab is a place you can find God

Today I am journeying away from the text and stepping back out to look at the big picture again.

I have been talking to so many mothers who’s kids have left ‘the house of bread’ and gone seeking to have their hunger filled somewhere else. This is a story they could well sit in and find encouragement. Ruth is a woman who had a collision with her destiny and she did NOT have a praying mother and a sound godly upbringing. She did not even have a praying mother in law. Ruth defies our modern gospel…I am surprised she even wanted to follow this woman Naomi and cling to her ways, her people and her God. I would have run away. There is nothing in the story that makes sense if we follow the rules we believe…Ruth is pure evidence that Gid is the hero in this story and not the mother. She doing everything to push the u godly daughter in law away. She did not want to take responsibility for this grieving widow who was really only connected through a son who was no longer here.

If God can weave the story of redemption and destiny and purpose into the story of a girl like Ruth, he can do the same with any other child. Naomi tried her best to NOT take these girls with her. She was so blind to grace she didn’t even want Ruth or Orpah to know God …But God wanted Ruth in this story. Ruth and Orpah had a choice…both felt the pull, both had walked in grief and loss but only one pushed to be connected to this woman. What did she see or feel about Naomi. All we can see is a better and empty soul yearning for home. Elimilech had left the house of bread hungry but here, Ruth is leaving a place of provision hungry too..what was she hungry for. There are times where we have to trust that God can meet anyone in Moab…the last place we expect him to meet us or them.

God meets people in Moab. God uses what is in us, even our loss to lead others to collide with destiny and the purpose of God. my busyness or weariness of my own priorities ..God can draw people to me spite of me…that right there is grace.


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