Ruth : Naomi, My Joy and Delight

If I were to think of Naomi as a representative of all of us girls…is it not his desire for all of us to know real joy and delight in him. His declaration over us personally is that we too are his delight and bring him pleasure.

This story is a reminder that our past does not change our name!
our circumstances do not change our name nor does the state of our heart change our name. How often do be want the word that has been declared over us to align with what we are feeling or what we have endured but that is us remaining blind to the reality that God is at work even in the most difficult and empty days, completely the rest of our story.

I have loved reading Ann VosKamp’s blog this year and her continued encouragement for us to find our joy and seek joy in the hard and broken places and the times if our deepest disappointments. To see Grace (the person) in JESUS and find our joy and to reJOY in The Lord..our true source of joy. When tragedy or hard days feels like they will triumph…true joy is found in the house of bread. I am sure as Naomi held Obed on her knee and heard the women singing about the goodness of God, overwhelming joy would be felt not just because if what she felt in the moment but because she had felt the weight of grief and pain so intensely.pain, too, is a gift, grace in disguise.

Today I am reminded that contentment, joy, pleasure and sweetness is found in my relationship with Jesus. That today is where I will find joy even when I don’t see grace, it is there. He said..I am the bread of life. He said ‘take eat this is my body’ he said’ feed my sheep’ …my joy is nourished by Grace , the person. Find joy in the right place…Moab will always rob me and leave me bitter and empty and make me question and doubt my name and who He calls me.


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