Ruth 1:2 His Wife’s Name was Naomi

Ruth 1:2
and his wife’s name was Naomi</blockquote>

The name Naomi is derived from the verb נעם (na’em) meaning to be pleasant, sweet, delightful, beautiful.

This is the word God gave over my daughter when she was in my tummy. That she would be God’s delight and will be delightful. As I look at this scripture today I reminded of that word…over my daughter’s life and how much I have to stand on that word. When you look at Naomi’s life I can’t imagine what a mother naming their daughter Naomi had hoped for. She did not envision the grief her daughter would face. A famine and 3 funeral, and no legacy were not what she had in mind. It is no wonder that Naomi wanted to exchange her name for something a little more realistic.

When I look at my own girl and declare the delight she will be and have and enjoy …I do not see grief and tragedy in her story but I pray that should the valleys come that she will know her Shepherd king and know that he will lead her through the valleys with a Sense of his presence beside her and that she will know that as long as she listens and follows his lead he will lead her to green pastures. I pray that this daughter will not just be a delight but feel His delight and she will know the sound Of blessing and harvest and seek it out just as Naomi did. I pray she will not succumb in sweetness and kindness to temptation to seek greener pastures at the cost of destiny as Elimilech and Naomi did.
I can not teach ‘my delight’ how to bring joy if she does not know how to find joy for herself.

This is my prayer for the other daughters in my care. That they would seek to know the God who delights and takes pleasure in them and their reality would be that they would not know valleys and famine and harvest without knowing the Lord of the harvest.


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