Ruth: God is King…

IMG_1281-0.PNGThe whole book of Ruth is about the story behind the story. The story that God is actually weaving this story regardless of what man is choosing to do. The real story is that GOD IS KING and he shows up in his provision…his providence. that is the sty of RUTH.

How is MY GOD is KING going to play out for me today…?

Elimilech’s name was not God was King or will be king some other time.. God is King is present tense. It is meant to be a permanent constant and is not just a moment or season in time. The IS in ‘God IS King’ reminds me of God calling himself I AM. I it is a present reality all the time. My God IS King is a constant, consistant, continuum.

Elimilech may well have been called ‘ My God is King’ by parents who felt that truth was their truth or simply want their boy to live that truth or remind the locals of this truth.

Elimilech’s parents would have called him that name because that was the reality for the Jewish people at that time. It was a declaration about who the king was and who their king was. Every time they called their boy at different times of the day or night throughout his life..they were declaring GOD is king over him, over their family over their town and over their nation…and over the nations.
Don’t we need to heart hat every day???
That our GOd is king. He is king of my heart! He is king of my family! He is king of our church, our community! our nation and the nations. Don’t we need to keep declaring it, speaking it, believing it and living it.
in a time in history where like back then, so many are doing what seems right to them…we need to hear, and believes and live GOD is KING…

Elimilech’s name would have been a reminder not just to Elilmilech’s parents but his community..a reminder of who was king. These parents knew because of the times they lived in that sometime in their son’s life God would not be leading Israel as king but their child would be ad eclair atom oft he truth in spite of the reality. They would have known that the times could well change for Israel, the times of the judges were fragile but these parents would have allowed their boy to be a statement in any of these times ..when someone in the town called their boy they would speak out ‘God is king’. When a foreigner visited their town or community ..they would hear his name…God is king….when a foreigner, an outsider looks at my life, my family, my choices, my they align with is name. God is king.

Elimilech moves to Moab…and the people to Moab would have spoken is name ‘God is king’ everything time they called him. What did they think. Did it sound a joke or a reality.

We know that at one time, Eglon of Moab was a king of Israel during the time of the judges. Maybe the parents called him this when another king was on he throne . maybe they were declaring in defiance of another king on the throne, that ‘GOD is KING not you!’ . Maybe they called him this because they wanted to remember a better day and better future.

I wonder if there are areas of my own life and our own culture we need to name GOD is KING as as exaltation and a promise because we can remember a better day and are expectant of a better future.

‘Seek ye First the kingdom of God’ is proving to be a strong theme for me as I head deeper into this book. Jesus spent so much of time on earth preaching about the kingdom of God…this is my story: My God is king….in fact king of kings.. It’s written throughout the pages of history sometimes obviously and sometimes hidden. When I can’t see it or feel it he is still KING. We need to get this!

Today…My God is King..always, continually, consistantly, and I long for it it to be the default position on the continuum of my life.


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