Ruth: God is King


God is King comes into my own story in so many different aspects of my life.

Is God king in my finances and my financial decisions and giving?
how often do I consult the king about my finances before spending or giving. how often do I say NO to giving or sowing without asking my King.

Is God my King in my relationships and friendships and family…In a conflict what is the king asking of me, where is leading or taking. How often do I say yes or no to someone without finding out what the king would have me say. How often is a familiar member places more control on my answer than my king? How often do I feel stressed by my response to people because I didn’t have peace about my answer before I gave it. My obligation is to MY king and his word. It has jurisdiction heart and my life.
The ‘best yes’ is the one that helps me serve the king not helps me serve my own needs and agenda.

If my family have always done it ‘this way’ but God’s way is different : who is King?

If my parenting style is based on my family upbringing or my past or my fears but it is not God’s way…who is King?

If there is a conflict in my home… Is my goal distance to avoid pain or is it connection. …who is king and what is his goal.

If I am getting frustrated with my kids ???who is king?do I need to control this or is he in control?

If I don’t feel like it or it isn’t fun…who is King?

When Is God king? When he is making me feel good and doing what I ask or is he king all the time, present tense. Is He king when I am happy and not when I am upset or is he King all the time?

Is he king when there is famine or is he only king when things are going well for me.

If I think he is not doing a good job as king do I step in or is he still king…can I trust his authority or only mine?…when those in authority have broken my trust…how does this impact on my response to kingdom…

Are there areas I allow him to be king but there are areas that I refuse to allow him jurisdiction. Is God king of some things or ALL?

When I feel bitter or angry or frustrated I find myself questioning his ability to do His job as king well…
If God is King then why is there a famine?
If god is king then why ami dealing with disappointment.

Maybe disappointment is the reality that I have been trying to be king instead of god being king and I am demanding he serve me and when he doesn’t I get bitter because I want him to do my will.

I know God is King but if I struggle to let him lead, and rule, and do what this King asks of me then I am not coming under the authority of that king, I am coming under my own.  My life declaration is I AM KING…no different to the the culture surrounding me…In the world and vey much a part of it…doing what seems right in my own eyes instead of the eyes of God.

LORDSHIP and KINGSHIP are really hard life lessons to learn. If I feel the need on be In control …it is my declaration that God makes a lousy king???and is a desperate yearning to be king because I don’t trust that God can do his job properly. OUCH

Looking for symptoms in my struggle with kingship and the kingdom of God…
In my reaction with Steve not giving me what I want or doing what I say…
My response to authority.
My capacity to trust.
My frustrations with leadership or those who are under mine.
My anxiety levels when is my obedience does not immediately bear fruit.
My anxiety levels when my kids mess up.
My frustration with myself when I mess up.
My reaction to conflict.
When I get stubborn about my own way and frustrated when things are not gong my way.
My confusion over agod’s direction and plan for my life.
When I am dealing with consequences of my own choices.
When famine is evident in some area of my life.
When freedom I hope for is not forthcoming.
When those in authority are doing things differently to me.

I could just keep going…so many of my heart issues are kingdom related…it doesn’t matter what challenge or circumstance I am in, who I am with or what is going on MY GOD IS KING or MY GOD IS NOT KING


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