Ruth: God is King

Elimilech: My God is King

Just because God is king doesn’t mean I live with him as if God is MY king.

We can say he is king and declare he is king and sing he is king and our name can even speak that truth but unless we let that the flow out of our lives..then we have an issue with his rule and lordship.

Today…in the way I approach my day….Is God King? Am I living as if he is king, master, ruler, lord, in control and in authority. It is easy to treat Jesus as friend of sinner sweet kind compassion Jesus but when it comes to Lordship and his name ‘king of kings’ my heart struggles. I find surrender to his lordship hard..because my sinful selfish flesh does not want to be ruled by anyone. I can also find myself trying to rule and control others instead of letting Jesus be king.

The times of judges were times when the people did what seemed right in their own eyes not with a God is King perspective. God was king and he allowed them to feel his rule by sending famine…stirring a hunger that made them recognise their need of him but he also showed his kingship in breaking the famine and redeeming is people and orchestrating events and times and season.

I love the freedom of this truth that God is King.
When my kids are struggling to follow my leadership or even someone in my neuter group or someone on my is a gentle eminent hat I don’t have to manipulate or get angry or frustrate. God is king not me. It reminds me of my own struggle to follow my king’s leadership. It is a gentle reminder of lordship. When a Christian is struggling to be a follower or is dealing with issues of leadership or frustration with leadership or submission it comes down to this one ting GOD is KING…or is he???

How often do we find that leaders we are following are hard to follow because of their weaknesses or their own struggles and it helps me understand my rebellion to frustration and find out what my king wants of me… Christian need to get better at GOD is KING living.. In the areas they lead ( the home, the work place, the school yard, the family circles a nd friendship circles, e communtiy) and int he areas they are being lead ( marriages, homes, social circles, community groups and. Work places) . our ability to do right in the context of eveil is a God is King decision. our ability to do right int he context of bad leadership is a God is King moment
our abilityt o do right and not whinge, criticise or rebel is a god is king moment.

We don’t want famine but we are happy to ignore the GOD is KING moments a sift hey do not matte when they actually do. Famine maybe a reality of us living and speaking ‘GOD is NOT king …I am’

When someone in authority is abusing their leadership by not leading or not leading well or even abusing their leadership role..That is a. GOD is king moment that requires me to respond with trust or control. That leader is not King but I can treat them as if they are. Because I dear man more than I fear the real king. When I care more about what others think than God the. My theology is not GOD is king but rather THEY are king. When I care about what I think and I believe more than what God says then my theology is not GOD is KING but rather I, Jenny is king.

I will never be king or be able to fulfil the role of king perfectly enough. This can get me down or make me feel the grace of god. Why do I feel shame when I am trying to fulfil a kingly role I was never called to fulfill?

The stories of the kings who followed the judges throughout Israel’s history are proof to us that leaders struggle in their role as king ..the kings who lived that GOD is king a type of lives thrived and agod’s lead but they still were imperfect forms of the real deal. So too our story of those we place in important places I our lives will ultimately break our trust unless our trust must is in God because leaders will fail us and we will fail others. It is a picture of the reality that Jesus is the perfect king and the perfect leader, the perfect authority and the perfect master and all the rest of us will fall short.

It is proof that ‘God is king’ is the only way and the best way to live..and all other ways ultimately fail or fall short or bring damage or loss or lead to death.

My prayer is whether I am under authority or in authority, the ultimate way to live is under HIS authority and live a GOD is KING life…humbled by his perfection and grace, surrendered to his capacity, capability, strength, wisdom, authority and power.

God is King comes into my own story in so many different aspects of my life.

Is God king in my finances and my financial decisions a nd giving?
Is hod King in my relaitonships and friendships and family.
is god king when my kids are not ding right or am I?
Is God king when everything is going pear shaped.
is God kingwhen my ways seems right but it clashes with God’s way.

If my family have always done it ‘this way’ but God’s way is different : who is King?

If my parenting style is based on my family upbringing or my past or my fears but it is not God’s way…who is King?

If there is a conflict in my home..who is king?

If I am getting frustrated with my kids ???who is king?

If I don’t feel like it or it isn’t fun…who is King?

When Is God king? When he is making me feel good and doing what I ask or is he king all the time, present tense. Is He king when I am happy and not when I am upset or is he King all the time?

Is he king when there is famine or is he only king when things are going well for me.

If I think he is not doing a good job as king do I step in or is he still king…can I trust his authority or only mine?

Are three areas I allow him to be king but there are areas that I refuse to allow him jurisdiction. Is God king of some things or ALL?

When I feel bitter or angry or frustrated I find myself questioning his ability to do is job as king well…
If God is King then why is there a famine?
If god is king then why ami dealing with disappointment.

Maybe disappointment is the reality that I have been trying to be king instead of god being king and I am demanding he serve me and when he doesn’t I get bitter because I want him to do my will.

I know God is king but if I struggle to let him lead, and rule,a nd do what King sis meant to do the. Iam not coming under the authority. Of tat king, Ia m coming under my own. OUCH!!!

LORDSHIP and KINGSHIP are really hard life lessons to learn. If I feel the need on be In control …it ismy desperate yearning to be king because I don’t trust that God can do his job properly. OUCH


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