Ruth: God is King

The man’s name was Elimelech

Ruth 1:2

As soon as you identify someone by their name, you hone in on their identity. They move from being anyone to being someone.
My name means that I am a someone with an identity. The story teller in Ruth moves from a generalised reference to a man in Bethlehem and gives him a name. Any Jew reading or listening to this story would immediately know something about the story and the man because of his name…mention the name ELIMILECH and they would know many things about him…but my ignorance comes because I don’t know hebrew….so I need a little help.

Elimilech: MY God is King

Before I look at Elimilech as a man and what the Bible can teach me about him….his name immediately causes me to ask myself a question. God is king???but is He and is he MY king.
It is not my God is king at certain times or when we want him to be or when he feels like it. There are no parameters and context to make this statement true. It is either a statement I live or I don’t. What I believe about this and how I live speaks volumes about my own theology.
Is He?
Is he king?
Is he MY king?
When is he king…always, only when it suits me, in the past? In the future …sometimes later ?
Where is he king?

As soon as you use the word speaks a authority, lordship, rule, jurisdiction, who is he king over, what is he king over, where is he king?

Is he king of my heart? my life? my decisions? Devotion? my choices? my emotions, my mind, my responses, my will, my dreams, my hopes….How is GOD IS KING impacting on my life….my family and my world. If God is king, why am I trying to do is job, Is he on the throne of my heart or is something else or someone else or am I?


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