Ruth – an introduction

The book of Ruth is a small book found slotted between the book of judges and the books of Samuel possibly written by the prophet Samuel himself. We know it is written about the times that the judges ruled but we know it must have been written much later as it mentions the genealogy of King David at the end of the book. I love this book and have rarely read it without reading all four chapters but I don’t often read it over and over again. It would feel like reading a novel over and over again. To read the whole story in one sitting makes sense but to do so countless times, doesn’t!!! however for the richness and depth to truly make it’s mark on my heart that is what I am going to do.

Not only that …I am going to read it in lots of different version and listen to it in lots of different formats. I am going to read books about Ruth and read studies written for bible studies. I am going to sit in this book like I do with each book of the Bible and pray that things in my life will relate to this book in some way and in doing so, I hope that the richness of each verse will feed my soul.

I am expectant to see how the Holy Spirit uses this story and the characters in this story, the themes and the words, to feed my soul and reveal the heart of God to me and how he uses this story as a mirror to my own heart so I can see what is really there. So my first task is to read the entire story….join me …it takes 16 minutes to listen to..if a verse doesn’t interrupt me.

Ruth 1-4


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