Chapter. Two – The List…Devotions 23

So chapter 2 of Philippians is not a chapter but just the continuation of a letter. We see verses and numbers and forget the intimate handwritten scrawl that this letter was. It is vital to see the link between chapter 1 and 2 and 3 and 4. This letter was never read in verses and chapters. It is one continual thought…

Chapter 2: March 2014
Today I write the list that God is going to use to reach into my soul and sow seed and rip out weeds….and realign my soul for great fruitfulness…today I write a list of spiritual groceries that will sustain my spirit of the coming month. It is not unlike a menu planner to make sure I use every ‘vegetable’ and gain every nutrient.
Just because I write a list and create a menu..doesn’t mean a meal is eaten. If I don’t actually eat the manna and allow the word to become flesh it remains a list and the veggies will die in the virtual fridge of my blog.

Just like chapter one, faith comes by hearing and reading. If my heart is fertile and ready for seed and the seed is faithfully sown.. I can trust the word to bring forth the mirculous. I am a Pharisee if I know the word but do not live the word. A Pharisee!! OUCH!!! That is not what Jesus asked me to be and he has called me his. He the word became flesh and now the word must come to live in me…manna to sustain me and keep me and protect me and lead me. He called me to be a disciple and discipler!!! The menu has been prepared and the tasting is not in the reading but in the partaking. The joy is not in the letters but in the experiencing and living it.

I am praying that the characters of this chapter imprint my life with their example and their standard… Not to build perfectionism and self righteousness but to inspire me to match my conduct with my calling: servant, saint, grace giver, peace liver, peace maker, life giver, light in the dark, race runner, joy filled servant, joy carrier, joy deliverer, example.

Jesus help me find you in these pages, and reclaim my heart for you. Let me not get bored or gag on the difficult passages and the ones that don’t taste like sugar and spice and all things nice. To taste the goodness and see that you are good. To allow each portion of this letter bring me back to ‘life’ and truly living.



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