To Die is Gain?? and how so??? Devotion 21

So today…I have gone back a bit…I was planning on reading the whole chapter today but I stopped here…that well preached, well learnt and so often ignored cry from the heart of Paul…to live is die is gain..

My heart is aching today for a friend who is wrestling out this question of life and death for herself and my heart aches for another friend who wrestles this out through her layers of loss .. what seems too many layers to count. I have another who is wrestling this question not through the death of a loved one but the death of a marriage.
There are many questions about death I not even in a position to answer because the questions demand my silence. So instead I want to point you to someone who says it all way better than me. …

Paul wants to live!! But is facing a death sentence. How do you process that? He has processed enough to bring encouragement to a church by being okay with either….

I love that God puts wisdom in my path to light up my way. I know I have mentioned Ann Voscamp a fair bit in my blogs but I am currently reading her stuff and her ability to write clearly what i am still processing means u really should read her stuff. Next month it may be someone different. Today she puts in words so much better than me, what my heart’s cry is today…to truly get and embrace what Paul is saying…

To truly live…you can read it here: Ann VosKamp…(the lady who wrote the book I love called ‘1000 gifts’ …

The bit I want to dwell on is this:timer

>The question isn’t: How long have I got to live?
The point is simply: You got to live. You get to live. Today get on and live!


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