Love Intentionally – Devotions 14

Love must be intentional.

2014 is a year that I have asked Hills women to love INTENTIONALLY.

To let love abound and to love well , love will not happen by accident. it must be a product of intention.

Loving intentionally requires me to look. Who am I being asked to love?
Loving intentionally requires me to listen.
Loving intentionally requires preparation.

It is easy to love someone that you click with, connect with, share something in common with. Too love intentionally is to not just choose easy but hard.

When I am tired, weary, lonely or hurting, easy are the ones that demand nothing from me or sometimes the loudest voices in my world because the energy to say no is too much.

To love someone from a different culture, different generation, different personality means I must be intentional. It does not come naturally or easily. It is hard work. It is sacrificial. It takes humility and selflessness.
Love is not self seeking. To be intentional I must be sure that my intentions have no selfish get something back.

I know plenty of people willing to love but stop when they get nothing in return. Is this love??? It may be love but it is not intelligent love nor does it reflect the love of God.

1 Corinthians 13 was never written to a couple about to to get married.
1 Corinthians 13 was written to the church..the body of believers just like us.. A mixture of culture and gender and language and backgrounds in a cosmopolitan and Paul was speaking his heart for the what our relationships in church life should look like. Not what they should look like in the two hours of attending church but in the context of fighting for unity and authentic real relationships.

Jesus said
‘By this shall all men know that you are my disciples..when you love the handful who ‘get’ your sense of humour, who give you gifts at Christmas and and who listen to you moan. ‘ actually .. He didn’t define the one another .. He trust his instruction our intelligence. He was speaking to his followers and defining love for the world to recognise…when those who follow Jesus love each other.

Love takes the initiative. Why am I waiting for love to come to me first? It is going to demand of me what feels painful hard and uncomfortable.
Love is relentless … Intentionally so…

This year when I do what Paul asks me in 1:10 and test my feeling to see what is going on inside and I feel the retreat, the withdrawal, that my love has withdrawn to a back room in my heart, that feeling that maybe something is not right and needs to be restored.. I choose sit at the feet of Jesus.

I stand at the altar of my relationship with Jesus and speak my vows with ease. I will let love increase. I will love intelligently. I will love intentionally’ for better or worse, richer for poorer, in sickness, in health. But to live them in the daily grind, of community, my small group, my family, my marriage…that is hard. I choose to embrace hard, to open my hand and my heart. saying Yes to loving others is hard but as I remain in him..hard is possible and the proving ground for the miraculous favour and grace of God to work the word into my heart and any relationship I am seeking to build or make right or to reclaim. To love intentionally is to choose hard, to choose humble, to choose uncomfortable, to choose healing…to choose God to place the needs of others first…

When I crave in others what I should find in Christ, my love becomes a distortion and an allusion. I want to find all I need in Jesus so that my motives, my actions, my thoughts and my intentions are pure and powerful and effective.

Intentional love… To have a vision of what loving others looks like for me and to be relentless in pursuit if it…


2 thoughts on “Love Intentionally – Devotions 14

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  1. I’m certain you should write a book Jen.
    That’s just an aside.
    I’m challenged by the loving hard, and in the daily grind of life,so I know I must rely on God to work through me to let it happen!!

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