NURTURE DEVOTIONS…for nurture groups

I love what Anne Voskamp writes on her blog: A Holy Experience

Christ’s weapon against Satan in the desert was memorized Scripture. And if you aren’t memorizing Scripture — what IS your weapon in your battle? Where is your defence, your arrow, your hope? We have got to do this thing. It. is. our. life.

This is the year we pick up a sword, that we carry our arrows, that we take aim —-

For centuries …. Because Jesus was beautiful to God’s people — His Word was beautiful to God’s people.

What if Jesus’ Word was more than useful to us? What if it was beautiful to us?

What if God’s Word was more than a manual in our lives — what if it was the masterpiece in our lives — that made our lives a masterpiece?

What if His Word was the art that we were captivated by — that freed us into the art of life?

— I want Jesus The Beautiful — and His Beautiful Words

I was told once that unpacking the dishwasher is much easier if you know how long it takes to do it so I timed it. It took 3 minutes… I seriously need to stop whinging about the mundane. It takes 4 minutes to hang one load of washing and 30 second to put a load on but I find it tedious.

The same goes for reading your Bible. I actually timed how long it takes to read through the book of Philippians the whole way through then I did the same listening to it. 15 minutes once a week!! That is 2 minutes a day:)

Listening to the Bible is so easy…cos I can multitask…
My favourite thing to do is listen when I go for a run. I know it doesn’t have the sound of motivating music but it gets two important things done together. You too can listen to the bible for free on YouVersion or download it on iTunes for a better experience :
The Bible Experience on itunes

While I listen I multitask…I run, do housework, play it in the car…picking up the kids from school; on my way to work, going to a lunch date….emptying the dishwasher….

The plan for me is to listen to the entire book three or four times a week…. You only have to do this once a week.

I try and sit down every day and read the chapter I am sitting in. I don’t get past a couple of verses cos that is where my journaling comes into play. While I read I intentionally I stop when something stands out to me. It may be a word or verse..or even a thought. When it does, that is where I stop and I write down my thoughts and things I feel God is challenging me with and how I can apply it. I also write down questions that I can mull over throughout the day so that when I come back I already have my thoughts actively seeking truth. I look for songs that apply to the scripture I am meditating on and I Rey and find a blog written about the topic I am mulling on. you don’t have to do this. This is my own intentional season of sowing like this. it is also easier to do this on holidays….which I am currently on.

So starting in February for me will look like this:

Philippians all the way through: listening or reading: 15minutes at least once a week.
chapter one all the way through : 4 minutes 3-4 times a week. (4 minutes!!!!!!)
If I stop it is just One or two verses: 25 seconds.
Write some notes: 10 -15 minutes.

Because I am putting this will take me a tad longer to edit. Sorry if my spelling gets to you. this is not about me looking good but getting hod’s word in my heart.

We make feeding on the word of God, (replenishing the wood, ingesting manna, abiding in Christ )so much harder than we need to.
We also get bored… And crave something other than Manna. What do you do that is truly that important that it can’t wait for this?
Set a reminder on your phone and off you go…. We can do this and doing this together makes it a whole lot easier. Come February 1st you can access my heart allow the word of God to become flesh in me!

Let’s make it easy….let’s see this word become flesh…let’s experience ‘Christ in us’ and seek to experience what Paul means when he writes the truly profound words ‘to live is Christ’…



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