Some Insight about Me


We filter and view life through the lens of our experience and yet when those lenses are broken or distorted it has a massive impact on our lives and the lives of those around us. If you want some insight into how I tick this article is pretty insightful. I spent the first 10 years of my life as an MK (missionary kid) and a TCK (Trans Cultural Kid). Your experience will be different to mine so the lies you believed will be different to mine. I wonder what lies you have believed and how much your life is defined by those lies. For me, the truth is continuing to set me free.

Lies MKs Believe


2 thoughts on “Some Insight about Me

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  1. Whoah! That article put into words so many things I have been processing for years! Thanks for the link Jen. Even though I was not a TCK, I felt like one being moved 31 times by the time I was married. I dealt with the same kind of stuff. And then it all seemed to come to a a head in Vietnam. Lots of food for thought!

  2. Jenny, you are such an inspiration. You have created the opposite environment, nurturing Ethan and Brooke in a permanent, loving home and family. With a dog and a cat. It’s an eye-opener to see what your up-bringing was like. Only Jesus can mend the fractures of your heart’s “bones.”

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