‘Stand In The Gap’ with TD Jakes

As a church we are in the middle of 21 days of prayer and fasting. Some of us needing miracles and others of us standing in the gap for those who need them. We are choosing to STAND.

This week I have been away, visiting my sister who has just had a baby. There is something precious about being woken in the darkness to the cries of need and choosing to rise and relieving another of their burden so that they can find strength for the day. We have a choice to be found standing. I could have shut my door, buried my head, kept my eyes shut and remained under the quilt but there is a choice to awaken and rise out of my position of comfort in order to go to that place of relieving another of their burden. I remember well the season where I had to do this for myself and the joy when in the dark Steve would say ‘it’s my turn’. It is OUR turn. This is our watch. We won’t bury our heads under the pillow of ignorance but rather move out from our place of comfort and warmth because others have need of our strength.

This week someone sent me a you tube link of Bishop TD Jakes preaching at their Father’s Day Service last Sunday. I think God is speaking to his Church. It’s short and powerful especially at the 2 minute mark. I hope you sense God speaking to you.
Having done all..STAND firm’ Ephesians 6:13


2 thoughts on “‘Stand In The Gap’ with TD Jakes

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  1. Thanks Jenny for sharing. Awesome & encouraging clip. When I think I can do nothing I praise God I can stand in the gap.

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