The Giant Slayer


When my kids were learning the greater than (>);less than (<) and equal to (=) symbols for maths, I remember showing my kids one of the most important lessons of being part of the kingdom of God. It was a maths lesson about how God can change the equation from a less than () greater than sign in their daily lives.

We were reading and acting out the story of David and Goliath. When you look at this story as a maths equation it would look like this:

Goliath > The entire Israel army
Goliath > David
Goliath < David & God

On paper this doesn’t look like much but when you look at any story in the Bible, when you factor God into the equation, that one little symbol can make a world of difference to your life. It doesn’t matter how weak we are because we actually don’t need to be strong in ourselves. but our faith in God is enough. It is not your faith in your faith. You don’t have to have some great faith in your ability to trust God. Your faith is in GOD not in your ability to believe. God against anything impossible in your life is always going to come up greater than your challenge..every time. There is no challenge, difficulty, mountain, giant, impossible situation that is going to be able to turn that symbol around the other way. He is enough to help you face any giant you are facing. It wasn’t the size of the enemy that mattered or even the size of David. The size of his God had already been proven. He knew from experience that God would come through for him and be enough. David had the comfort of truth. He knew that as he stepped out in front of the giant and threw the stone, that God would be with him and help him do the impossible. We don’t know how scared or brave he was but we do know he knew where his strength came from and he yelled loud enough to ensure that the Israelites, the giant and the philistine army knew who was fighting with him. He didn’t go out in the strength of the Israelite army or the strength of Saul’s armour but went out in the name of The Lord.

You have the power to defeat any giant you are facing not because you are able or capable or even experienced but because you have God in the equation. If you put yourself in the equation it will look me this

GIANT > The entire human race
GIANT > me
GIANT< Me & God

David didn’t watch God slay Goliath. He had to step out in front of his own brothers, his own nation, his own leader and king. He had to step out in front of the giant and he had to throw the stone. You still have to activate your faith and do something. Faith without works is dead. But your trust is in the power of God.

So….Identify an obvious giant in your life that you are not stepping out to meet?
Do not even think about going out in your own name or in someone else’s armour. Check the equation. have you factored in just you and your giant or is God in this equation as well?
and by the way, if you haven’t got any giants maybe you are staying in the safe zone and need something bigger than yourself to believe for….

I have some giants I want defeated. There are some giants tempting to intimidate the soldiers in my army and there are some lions seeking to devour the sheep in my paddock. I can sit back and pretend my job is to play the harp or I can look at the equation and ask God what he would have me do to slay this one. I have learnt that hiding in my tent won’t slay any giants. Goliath wasn’t slain while David was out in the fields singing on his harp and caring for his father’s sheep. He laid down his harp and went out to see the army of God in action but what he found was not what he was expecting. You may well find yourself checking out a battle and finding you have to fight that battle on behalf of someone else because they are hiding in their tent. There are times for singing on your harp and staying away from the battle, but there are times when you find yourself in an unexpected place and you have the opportunity to change the equation not for your own sake but for a cause greater than yourself.

David would never have been able to slay the giant if he hadn’t beaten the bears and lions along the way. This is what it means to go from strength to strength. The bears you face today prepare you for the giants of tomorrow. The same God who helps you slay the lions in your jurisdiction will help you slay the giants in someone else’s. You learn with the bears and lions that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is just as powerful to deliver and enable as he was back then. Your God is greater than >……


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  1. I love ‘faith in God’ not faith in fath.. Hit a cord. Be STRONG and courageous. ‘ If He is for us who can be against us’ thanks Jen.xo

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