getting back on the track


One of the guys from our church had shoulder reconstruction last year and for some time he had to keep his shoulder in a sling and do nothing. Doing nothing and resting is a vital part of regaining strength after injury…but it is never intended to be the final outcome. There came a point, when the physio had him remove the sling and begin using his arm. Initially it was extremely painful and his fear of pain kept him from moving it as he needed to.

The physio therapist was a very important part of this process. She knew how much pain he could endure and could push him further than he knew he could go. Initially the sling only came off while he was moving his shoulder in the presence of a physio. It was a safe environment to feel pain and this pain if the physio had not been present would have kept him from moving his shoulder where he needed to. eventually by intentionally working and moving past the pain, that shoulder has become stronger and easier. If he had refused to push through the pain his shoulder would have stiffened up and eventually limited his ability to use it at all, let alone regain its strength.

Some of you this year are going to have to start using the muscles of your life that have had surgery or some form of injury. Because of our fear of pain we prefer to make no movement at all but movement can mean more strength and the only way to bring strength to that area of your life is to get it moving. You may need to start moving it in the presence of one who knows you well and knows your limitations, or someone who is skilled at helping people push through pain. Some of just need godly friends who we can open up to and who will bring wisdom and challenge us even though it is painful. others of us need more skill. So many Christians have been hurt or injured or had to have something repaired but refuse to go through the process of rehabilitation to bring full use and strength back to that part of their lives. This is your year. Stop making excuses and stop pulling away from the pain. Putting yourself in the hands of someone who know how to help you deal with your pain and remain accountable, working hard to exercise that area of your life hat should never have been so badly damaged. Obedience and trust comes from knowing that your a in good hands. The Holy Spirit is the best physio you will ever get some times we need something more tangible. Good council is important in the process of gaining your strength back. You will never see that injury healed by whining about what caused it. There comes a point where that really doesn’t matter anymore.

There are so many things that can decrease our strength and rob us of strength. Injury does not have to be one of them but it often is.

No athlete lets an injury stand in the way of their success as an athlete. We have been called to run the race to win. If injury has sidelined you, like an elite athlete, it is vital for you to take on an intentional passionate position to do everything you can to get back on the track. Pull on every resource available to get you back to running the race of your life.

God is strong and he wants you strong…rehab is your journey back to that place God intended. What will you do in 2013 to get those stiffened muscles working again?


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