Theology of Strength

“I CAN’T HOLD ON TO THE HANDLE ANYMORE!” I cried from the water. It is common knowledge that water skiing uses leg and back strength, but I would never find out if my body was strong enough as I didn’t have the strength to hold onto the rope. As soon as the boat took off, I managed to face plant straight into the water. I was 13 year old and desperately wanted to enjoy the crazy ride but as soon as the boat took off I would be left trying to catch my breath and kind of be wondering where I was.

Are you strong enough for whatever 2013 is going to throw at you? What areas of you life need strength that when 2013 takes off you can enjoy the crazy ride rather than face planting because you don’t even have the strength to hold on.

There are so many times I have felt this same frustrating sense of weakness…not just physically but in many areas of my life and the frustration is not with my weakness but what I seem to be missing because of this weakness. There is no lack of desire…..Many of us desire strength but end up getting frustrated with your weakness but rather discovering how to gain strength.

The best place to start when it comes to being strong in 2013 is with God!

God is strong and he wants you strong… Ephesians 6:10 (The Message)

…the people who know their God will be strong… Daniel 11:32 (NLT)

When I look at God’s strength under a microscope and stories of his power and what his power and strength does…it leaves me humbled and WONDERSTRUCK!!!The bible teaches me over and over and over again about the power of God, not just in what he does but in who he is. His very nature is strength and might. He uses his power to help us trust him and put our faith in him. God’s strength shows up our weakness regardless of how strong or weak we FEEL. Reflecting on stories of God’s power and strength creates a sense of wonder and confident humility. The fact that God is strong is amazing but the fact that he makes his strength available to us is even more crucial…. Not only does He show off his strength, but he has given each of us a measure of his strength. Even better than that he gives you full access to his measure of strength.

God’s power is displayed right at the beginning. His strength is displayed in creation…. `let there be…’, he brings the entire universe into being. Just God’s word over your life can bring enormous strength because there is power in his word. But he doesn’t just use his words, he displays his strength in powerful miracles. The Bible shows us over and over again the power of God. It is displayed in creation, his nature and his character, through history. It is displayed in miracles, through events and peoples stories. God’s power is displayed to help us see who he is and who we are.

The reason I can be strong in 2013 is not because I am a strong person but because I am in a covenant relationship with God almighty, all powerful and strong. God is strong and in him I am strong.God is omnipotent!… which means he is all powerful all the time. He is strong and is never weak. He never runs out of power or strength or might. There is an endless supply, a limitless measure. He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond anything we ask think or imagine because….and we simply get to access that ability. Stop looking for the measure, the limit the containment lines of his strength because there are none. There is no measuring line on his strength. If there is no limit on the power of God and he has given us himself. There is no limit on what is available for you. 2013 is a year to get to know your God and His strength and power in all it’s measurements despite it being unlimited. He dwells in us in all his fullness….and that includes his strength and power

This year as you face whatever comes…make your starting point getting to know God ….as strong. He is bigger, stronger, and more powerful than anything you face or fear.

When you are facing a challenge put your circumstances up next to the might and power of God and do some comparisons. Go back to the scriptures and find the stories that display God’s strength and power. Seek out life scriptures and stories that you can meditate on that declare his strength and power. God is strong and that is enough for me.



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  1. Wow, Jen, this was a feast. I’ve transferred it to Word and made the text really big so that I can study it. You are a fantastic writer. xxoo

  2. Hi Jen. Great to finally find another Aussie blogger! And just up the road from me too! This is a great post that you’ve written. My “word” for 2013 is “strength” and your blog post is a great (and timely) reminder that I must keep that word constantly in front of me. I love what you wrote: “There is no measuring line on His strength…there is no limit on the power of God…there is no limit on what is available to you…” Amen and praise God!
    I look forward to reading some of your other posts.
    God bless

    1. Thanks Nicki. Loving reading The depth of wisdom drawn from your walk with God too. Love that we are on e same wavelength. hat is my word for the year every log this year is to intentionally build this into the fabric of my church women and anyone else who happens to read my thoughts.

      1. yes Nicky we have. We originally connected through Nick Resce and Vicki Simpson. We had just resigned as youth pastors in Horsham and were looking at the next phase of ministry life for our family. and Nick Resce suggested we go and see you and we came and stayed with you In Geelong overnight and visited your church. Your church was going gang busters and we were considering all the possible options of post youth leadership ministry including church planting. I’m not sure if you even remember but it was a time in our life when we really valued your input and talked through many of the options we were facing. We went from your place to be interviewed for a senior role at a church in Ferntree Gully in Eastern Melbourne and have been their senior pastors ever since. This week we have been there 8 years.

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