An afternoon With Ps Jenny Mazey
For all the Hills Church girls

Sunday, 10th February, 2013
Time:2:30pm -5:30
At the Marquee @ The Eating House; Shop 17,
Wellington Village Shopping Centre
1100 Wellington Road, Rowville. (03) 9755 7464

Cost: Pay for what you order. Please bring cash to make it easy to pay the bill.

RSVP :Ps Jenny 0402137037 4th February to ensure you get a seat.

Connection. Vision. Strength. Impartation.

By the time we gather together for this special afternoon, summer holidays will be well behind us and the adventures of a new year will be well underway. It is always a pleasure to gather the ladies form Hills from each generation and spend some time re-connecting and imparting vision and expectation into your lives for the year ahead. This year holds great promise in the midst of many and varied milestones and challenges: new and different school experiences, new friendships, new babies, weddings, unexpected engagements, new homes, new jobs and financial challenges and opportunities, faith stretching ventures and even loss. Each generation needs the strength and enabling of God and each other to walk in victory and faith as God intends. I encourage you to COME! I need your strength and you need mine. Come to bring strength and come to be strengthened. I hope to see you there.

love Ps Jenny



Add yours

  1. Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for the invite and it would be lovely to be there. However, this time is Terry time and so very important for us both. I am sure you understand that not changing routine makes Terry’s life easier and anything that makes Terry’s life easier makes mine easier. I wish you and the girls / women of Hills all the very best for this important start to the year. I look forward to receiving feedback about the session. Blessings to all the women at Hills and know that your strength is never ending after all “We can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us”. Lorna

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