Is it True???


I catch myself saying (sometimes in my head), this funny statement that many parents make. It’s not a huge deal except that it actually doesn’t make sense for a girl who truly wants to flourish and walk in the favour of God. It is a statement that is often said without thinking, as an emotional response to a person or circumstance that is getting frustrating. For me, it is said in the heat of the moment when I am getting annoyed or when I happen to feel like I have given an instruction one too many times, or when I am tired and what I would normally not be bothered about seems to be bothering me a tad more than normal; or it can be when I haven’t enough time to process and deal with a situation as I would prefer to; it can even be simply because the kids are simply being kids but my tolerance for their child like behaviour is a little limited.

Sometimes it is because I am overtired and doing too much. This simple but profound statement is one you will now catch yourself evaluating when it comes out of your mouth: ‘I am running out of patience’.

I know it sounds familiar and no big deal but it actually is. The reason I have been meditating on this and challenging my thinking and words is because my Bible tells me something very contrary to this way of thinking. The bible says that love is patient. It also tells me that patience is a fruit the spirit. It stands to reason that my statement that I am running out of patience is a statement that my love is limited and that I am about to run out of love but that is just not true. This statement also suggests that patience is a fruit of my own character. Some people have re than others and that just isn’t fair but it is certainly a great excuse. If my kids are testing my patience…and I find myself failing the test it is not their fault. As patience is a fruit of the spirit it stands to reason that a lot of my excuses for me running out of patience are circumstance based. I am actually convincing myself that a situation outside of myself or a person has the capacity to effect my quota of patience and love. As a christian this doesn’t make sense. I am connected to the source of patience and true love but the key is to remain in Him. As long as I am drawing my quota from the true vine and not from myself there is is a never ending supply of patience.

As a daughter of God I have allowed myself to believe a lie. It just isn’t true! My Bible also tells me that God is love and if I am going to love others it is going to require copious amounts of patience of the type that doesn’t run out.

I can guarantee that when it comes to the sisterhood and our role in reaching and loving those God is asking us to love, patience is one resource you can not afford to run out of, yet how many times do we find ourself thinking that very thought ‘ I am running out of patience’. Maybe a more accurate statement would be…’This situation is testing my patience but because I am connected to the vine and remain in his love I have access to his patience rig now. I have been trying to love out of my limited supply but today I choose to draw on his. When you feel like you are running out of patience or any other fruit of the spirit it is time to ask why, and to connect with the supplier.

Favour: the access we have to all that God is and all that God has for our lives to flourish but it is also what others get to access through us because of who we are connected to and who lives on us. If it’s patience you need…get connected to the source. Jesus death on the cross has given me access to a never ending supply including ample amounts of patience…not to mention…. joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness …and self control. Favour is so much more than stuff we want. It is the stuff we need to make our life and calling work!!

As my kids keep reminding me: ‘”Mum, God’s patience is never ending..,maybe you should ask him for some of his”

Who or what today is testing your patience. Will you pass the test? Abide, remain, stay steadfast in HIS love and let him pour through you. Is what you just let out of you mouth really true? is that thought you keep dwelling on really the truth???



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