Feeding the ‘WAIL’


Earlier this year I spoke a message about wearing the shoes of responsibility and right now in my life God is asking me to get fitted up for pair of shoes that I have never worn before and with them comes a mountain that is going to require them to be well worn in. Over the past year or so I have felt the tug of God on my heart in a direction that I would prefer he not take me. I know, because what I am feeling is familiar. I am on purpose doing what God is asking me to do not because I want to..in fact I prefer to bury my head in the sand and ignore this sort of prompting. It is a prompting that is specific and requires something proactive from me and I know it will will require some sacrifice. I feel God is asking me to visit my world view and confront it. I grew up in the context of the 80’s and 90’s in a generation of prejudice without even knowing it and now those prejudices and my walk with Jesus has come into conflict. My feet would prefer to walk the path well travelled by many, the well travelled and easy path but God is asking me to walk a path less travelled. I don’t want to be defined by my upbringing, by my Aussie culture or by a political or media agenda. What I love is how while we can be listening God on a personal level, others areas of my life dove tail.

This week our session in nurture groups we discussed how Our response to nurture requires us to feed the ‘wail’. the ‘wail’ is what happens when we are awakened to something related to the cry of humanity that produces and deep wail and cry from our spirit that something must be done and the need to see do whatever is required to keep stirred and awake to the that feeling and that awareness of what is breaking the heart of God and purposely pushing aside the things that will distill and shut out the cry that wells up when we see injustice and evil. At the same time, I Christine Caine’s new book UNDAUNTED was released. I have watched and listened to her for years but this book is the best of hers I have read. There are full chapters of the book I feel like quoting here because she has the ability to articulate exactly what God has been walking me through. As founder of the A21 Campaign, the book details the journey God has taking her through to deal with everything she would find daunting in the natural in order to face her future and the opportunist ahead undaunted. But it is a book written about what God had to confront in order to get her to that place of bringing the freedom she preached about to those who needed it most.

There are some things that will let the ‘wail’ are some things that will help you stay distant to the mandate of the Sisterhood in our church. I have learnt some things about myself in this whole area and I know this isn’t you.
I am more racist, prejudiced and opinionated when I am less or not informed so I am better off not knowing anything.
Busy help ensure I am not interuptible.
I have less compassion and interest if I don’t have a personal story to stir my emotes and compassion.
It is easier to have an opinion when there is no personal story attached.
I only find out what I really believe and what I have sown into my life when confronted by a circumstances, people, and that differs and conflicts with that.
I prefer ignorance to knowledge because it helps me stay detached and removed.

I have a feeling that to actively confront my prejudice and my ignorance may well lead me to have to do something. Reading and knowing does not equal doing. Jesus was not just full of compassion. He was moved by compassion and often into the arena of deep prejudice and those who were not ‘welcome’. But sometimes by researching and praying and knowing …I feel I have done my part….actually that doesn’t do anything.

This sisterhood blog each week is written to activate in us a desire to see beyond your comforts and busyness to see and actively assist towers needs. For us to create this culture of giving, serving, caring, and creating a sisterhood culture it is going to take each of us to proactively confront our prejudices, our agenda, our values and our selves. It may require you to pull your head out of the sand when you prefer not to. It will require you to pull those shoes of responsibility out of the cupboard however uncomfortable they are and start wearing them in because up ahead are some mountains of responsibility to climb. The future both for you and for others needs me awake, aware and alert. But asleep, ignorant and unprepared is not part is the Sisterhood equation.

Sisterhood sounds lovely and sweet and we like the ideal but real…that ain’t so ‘feel good’. We must feed and stir the ‘wail’ and pursue (on purpose) the mountain he has placed before us if are serious about cultivating the sisterhood God intended. God is definitely doing something around the planet that is significant and we are a part of it. But it requires more than agreement and a nice feeling. To be a part of it means to take the grace that has been granted to you when you were not lovely and good or righteous and offering that same grace and Favour to those you would not in the natural care anything for. Sisterhood requires a measure of grace that you could not muster up on your own. Ask God to do a work on your heart so that he can work more effectively though you but be prepared for the unexpected and sometimes unwanted results. Be prepared to be interruptible. I want to be faithful in the Favour he has granted…and by the way if you want to feed the ‘wail’ get that book!!!


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