Favour Through Faithfulness


This week in the car I have been asking my kids to describe to me what faithfulness is and who they think is faithful…if only they had described me… But alas it was not so. They instead described their Dad. In fact as I look back to when I first fell in love with Steve, I think this fruit of the spirit was one that kept me coming back to him. Not a bad idea, in hindsight for a single girl considering a life time partner. To describe their dad as faithful…wow!

Our Hills Church family celebrated our last service at our current building on Sunday and it was a fantastic celebration of the Faithfulness of God not just for the 7 years we have been there but to all that God has done over the years for Hills Church. Steve gave a fantastic message from Ezra

With praise and thanks, they sang this song to the LORD
He is so good!
His faithful love for Israel endures forever!”
Then all the people gave a great shout, praising the LORD because the foundation of the LORD’s Temple had been laid.
But many of the older priests, Levites, and other leaders who had seen the first Temple wept aloud when they saw the new Temple’s foundation. The others, however, were shouting for joy. The joyful shouting and weeping mingled together in a loud noise that could be heard far in the distance. (Ezra 3:11-13 NLT

This articulates exactly what it felt like on Sunday as we finished our service with a responding shout of praise to all that has gone before and the expectation of all that is ahead.

The past few days as we have stripped the building of its contents and cleaned out all the things that have made it home, I have found myself reflecting on this phrase.‘His faithful love endures forever . The Message Bible describes it ‘His love never quits’ . The bible uses this word faithful and faithfulness so much and in so many ways that I have not got space and time to even touch the surface of it’s depth and meaning for each of us. We talk about God’s faithfulness a lot as Christians and we sing about it a lot too. Just declaring God’s faithfulness shifts something in my spirit and I don’t even have to understand it’s meaning for my spirit to respond to it. I have been wondering how my life would be different if God had not been faithful. Stop right there and think for just a second how God’s faithfulness has made a difference in your life, your family, your circumstances. Without God’s faithfulness, His Favour has no substance. It is His faithfulness that enables me to believe and expect his Favour. At no time is he unfaithful. God’s love is not fickle….it never runs out and it is dependable at full measure all the time forever…You can not put unfaithfulness and love in the same sentence. God is love, God is faithful. His faithful love endures forever. god’s faithfulness makes him reliable. WOW!
That means if he promises miracles: I can expect them based on his faithfulness.
If he has promised salvation based on the fact he is faithful, means salvation is mine and also is for my family and my generation….
If God has promised to supply then because he is faithful I can believe based on this character of faithfulness…that he will supply.
If God has promised to open and shut doors, to show me his will, to forgive my sins, to redeem my life and to redeem time…then based on his faithfulness I can expect the results that he promises.

I think it is time to pull out all the stops and start putting faith in the most reliable and dependable source. A FAITHFUL GOD. If he is SO faithful, why do we find it so hard to believe?

I love too that faithfulness is a fruit of the Spirit. Hmm..now that is a bit too confronting isn’t it. This means that God has given us the capacity to reflect his character and his image and allow others to experience HIS faithfulness through our lives…And once again we can see that the Favour of God is not just about us but about being a conduit of the Favour of God. How are you going with that part of the equation? For some reason, the fact that God is faithful, highlights our inadequacy in this fruit that the world is so desperate for. The fruit of the spirit is not a byproduct of your spirit but HIS!!! So if you truly want to others to experience love of God you going to need to draw on his faithful love. Abiding…takes on a whole new meaning…..let him fill you with his love…his faithful love…you know the love that is consistent, continual, overflowing, abundant, never runs out, never, fails, dependable, reliable, not unfaithful….the love we talk about until someone hurts our feeling, disagrees, breaks our heart, betrays, or doesn’t appreciate our value…

I don’t know anyone who has not had someone be unfaithful to them. Even my 7 year old has been betrayed by a friend and experienced unfaithfulness. Unfaithfulness can rip apart a family on many levels. Unfaithfulness can tear a heart to pieces and the impact of unfaithfulness can last a long time and can impact a lot of people. Unfaithfulness impacts on all our lives in one way or another. I wonder how the unfaithfulness of someone else has framed how you do relationships…whether it has been a parent or a family member or a friend or even a marriage partner. Is it any wonder we need our savior to be faithful. Faithfulness is at the heart of functional and healthy relationships more than we give it credit. Is it any wonder why the world is in such a mess. The world does not value faithfulness but craves the outcomes of faithfulness. These experiences of others unfaithfulness should highlight to us to an even greater degree how hugely important God’s faithfulness and his faithful love towards us truly is. it also highlights our struggle to trust his faithfulness, not because he had been unfaithful but because we have felt the power of unfaithfulness. It is in the context of the disappointment of unfaithfulness that we can truly understand this characteristic of God’s even better. We live in a world where keeping your word, fulfilling your promises, doing what you say you will do and saying what you mean seem almost inconvenient. God’s faithfulness is what gives me the foundation and capacity to trust him and build relationship with Him. What astounds me is that despite my own unfaithfulness to him he remains faithful. We struggle to trust God yet he continues to be the faithful one..consistently and continually.

If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny who he is. (2 Timothy 2:13 NLT)

Can u imagine what sort of relationship David and Jonathon would have had if either of them had been unfaithful? The ramifications could have been massive. Can you imagine what would have become of Mary, if Jospeh had been unfaithful? if Jesus had been unfaithful he wouldn’t have been able to go to the cross for us…but he is faithful. Chrisitnaity is based on the fact that Jesus was faithful. it is God’s faithfulness that enables me to tahistamine his word and apply it to my life. It is His faithfulness that confronts my doubts, fears and logic. God reveals his Favour through his promises…so it makes sense to seek out and know his promises. But what if God was not faitfhul to keep his promises? ….God reveals his Favour not just thorugh his promises, but thorough this character of faithfulness. It is his faithfulness that enables us to believe what he has spoken over our lives, out future, our past, our relationships, our church…..

God’s faithfulness stirs my heart to confront my slefishness and my logic.
God’s faithfulness quiets my questions and calms my fears. God’s faithfulness feeds my faith and my confidence in his promises.
God’s faithfulness enables me to forgive the unfaithful.
God’s faithfulness stirs me to seek to know his promises, believe and keep them as the anchor for the days ahead.
God’s faithfulness means in the days ahead he is just as faithful as he has been in the past and it stirs expectation for bright and beautiful future.
God’s faithfulness gives me hope!!
God’s faithfulness enables me to be faithful…..

You may not be able to describe your earthly Father as faithful but you can certainly describe your heavenly Father that way…


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  1. Thank God, God is faithful. Can’t imagine life without a Faithful God, and faithful friends to help us on our journey, particularly when we ,au be lacking in faith.

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