The Fragrance of Favour


I never really thought life in this season of my life and my calling as a Senior Pastor would include a paid 9-5 job a couple of days a week working at our Hills Church Op Shop. Although it’s only 2 days a week.. It makes my life a tad crazy-busy. At the op shop where I work, there is one thing that that stands out to me as the best part of having to work…. It is the ladies I get to work with. Their enthusiasm, their joy, the chatter and laughter, the conversations about life and God, more than anything else I do at the shop, make my job the best place to be on a Wednesday and Friday. It doesn’t matter which day and who is working with me, I can honestly say they bring the Favour of God to that little space in Ferntree Gully. There has not been one day I have worked there, when I haven’t walked out with a smile on my face because I have seen something in the faces and voices of Hills women that makes me want to be there. I like to think that the fragrance, the sound, the feel of Favour is whatever you feel when you walk into Hills Community Op Shop on any given day. There is an attitude, a work ethic, a joy, a fragrance, a generous, giving, spirit about being in the op shop that makes being in the op shop pretty amazing.

However, I have a hunch that it isn’t just the op shop..that it may well be the same wherever you find Hills girls. Wherever you find our Hills women, there is something you can feel, taste, sense, get, that makes them worth being around. It’s what your kids feel when they come home from a stressful day at school or what you feel when you walk into community group once a fortnight that makes you wish it happened every week, or what your friends feel when they join you for a cuppa or have a meal at your place and wished it took place more often. It’s what you taste in a meal delivered when your family is unwell or feel when an anonymous gift is left at your door. It’s the feeling you get when you hear some one share what Hills women have done to ease pain or burden or struggle. Maybe it is why your work mates loves working with you. maybe it’s why your school friends prefer you when they are down or struggling. There is something about your attitude, your work ethic, your laughter, your response to the mundane and the difficult that makes being around you Hills women so worth it. It’s hard to articulate and hard to define but I like to think it is the Favour of God on Hills women, flowing without constraint into the lives of those around them. That flavour, that fragrance, that attitude, that example…to me is the Hills women Flourishing and to hear it, feel it, taste it inspires me.


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