The UN-expected Favour of God with Jennie Martin

This week’s blog is another great story from our beautiful Jennie Martin.  I love how expectation is the breeding ground of miracles but I also love that Favour can come when we least expect it.  Enjoy and be inspired….

Ever felt like your life reflects that of a bible story? That it could have been ripped from the pages of the Holy Book? Looking at Matthew 18:21-35, Peter is asking Jesus how many times he must forgive his brother. Seven times? Jesus replies with “seventy times seven” and proceeds to tell a story. A story about a man with an enormous debt. One that is impossible to pay back, and the king takes pity on the man who owes him money and forgives him. Wipes the slate clean. Fresh start, new beginnings. Well we all know what happened to the man who was forgiven, but let’s not go there just yet.

Let me tell you my story.

I have just re-entered the paid work force after over ten years raising children and have started a job that I considered a ‘piece of cake’ – get in, do my hours, clock off and get paid. In fact I thought that I could do the job so well, I was imagining ways to become supervisor and how I was going to acquire that position. I thought I could do her job better than the current supervisor could. There were times that I was left unsupervised and had to run the business, so to speak and felt honored that the responsibility fell to me;  that I was trusted in this position. One week, I clocked on and proceeded to run through the list for the day. I was on my own and quite enjoyed the peace and quiet of the morning. I went to get stock out of a back freezer and noticed the door ajar. As I felt the frozen food, I realized it was no longer frozen, it had completely thawed out. My stomach dropped, this was all the food we had to serve that day, what was I going to do?
I rang the supervisor and told her the situation. She then informed me that an order had just been filled and there was two thousand dollars worth of food in that freezer. She said not to worry and she would get there as quickly as possible. After replaying the last weeks events in my mind over and over, I came to the conclusion that the last person to open that freezer must have been me, and I must have forgotten to check whether it was fully closed. I was responsible. I was left in charge and I had made a huge mistake. I then started to internally panic as I carried on with other tasks. I wondered what the possible outcomes would be. Would I be fired? How would I ever repay the debt of the two thousand dollars? I had just gotten my first meagre pay cheque. It would take me years to pay off this debt!!

As the hours crept by and I prayed desperately to God to forgive me for my proud and cocky attitude and to please help me out of this mess, I was frantic. My boss arrived and told me again not to worry, she would figure a way out. I still worried. The supervisor would have to tell her boss and what would she say? At the end of the day, we tallied up the lost stock and devised to ‘purchase’ some of the thawed product at our own cost and then give the final lost amount to the big boss. I was stunned. It was seemingly my mistake and my supervisor was willing to bear some of the fall out with me. She also suggested I ‘volunteer’ my hours for the day to cover the lost amount. I was agreeable to this. As we approached the big boss, I was praying like mad, but trembling. She looked at the stock at our feet, that we had purchased, the list had given her of excess stock, listened to our story and our apologies and said, “Don’t worry about it.” What? Did I just hear correctly? Two people in one day had overlooked my sin and forgave instantly. They bore the brunt of my mistake and said “don’t worry about it.” I was stunned. The power of forgiveness in an instant. Not `I’ll think about it’. Or `well, yes I can see you’re sorry, but you still have to bear the consequences’. Just “don’t worry about it.”

Thank you God for teaching us through your word and humbling us when we need to step a peg down. Amen


3 thoughts on “The UN-expected Favour of God with Jennie Martin

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  1. OH NO!!! Jennie, poor you!!!!!!! its pretty funny actually reading it from this side with my strange sense of humour… but can imagine how you felt, How good is it for people to forgive like that?! It is another good example of forgiveness. Thanks for being so open and honest about the whole thing. 🙂

  2. Oh Jennie, Isn’t the Lord gracious and gentle. I have many times needed to be corrected, and have feared terrible reprimand only to feel the Lords Love, forgiveness and his gentle breeze change my directions. What a kind Lord we serve.

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