Favour is a Crown but where are your shoes?

ImageI am not a list person but I know some of you are.

I surprise myself that my family functions in any state of order, because Steve is not a list person either. For those of you who are list people you don’t get people like us at all. In my `no-list’ world I have a stack of people who help me function well, but I do wish one of those people knew where I put my shoes. Ethan is my best shoe finder… I am forever taking off my shoes and forgetting where I took them off. My kids rarely lose their shoes…because I have a spot for their shoes and they have learnt to take them off where they can find them quickly. One of the most common comments you hear from me in the morning before we head out the door to school is `Find your shoes?’ or ‘can you get your shoes on please, we need to go’.

Where was the last place you put those shoes??? I’m not talking about your sneakers or your boots…I’m talking about the shoes you were given with your crown. You weren’t given that crown of favour on it’s own…it came with a a perfect fitting pair of shoes to match your crown – you know..those shoes inscribed with the designers name and yes i do mean the shoes of responibility; the ones that carry you to the places where it is difficult terrain and a hard place to be; the ones that are durable and weather proof; the ones that will help carry you the WHOLE way and help and carry you, the messenger, and yes the shoes that fit one bearing good news of mercy, grace forgiveness, salvation, victory, compassion, hope and favour, dignity, value, solutions and answers…..

Where was the last place you took them off. It might be back there …..you know…. where you became overwhelmed by the task, or over there…. where your feet became blistered with the pain of an offense or ….right there …right there where you stopped…. the place where you got tired and needed to take them off for a minute or MORE to wash them and rest them and lift them up off the floor. Today you need THOSE shoes because without them you won’t get far and you won’t endure and you certainly won’t reach your destination.

You have a crown of favour but without your shoes, that crown is just a pretty something that you put on for special ‘notice me’ parties or playing dress-ups. Somehow I think God had more in mind for your life than playing a game of dress-ups. What shoes did you put back on instead of the shoes you should be wearing today…the slippers of comfort and ease or the shoes to attract attention, the shoes that are too tight or too big! Or yet again the shoes of busy….Sometimes busy shoes are what life requires of us but should never be worn long term. Sometimes we need to take off our shoes and walk around bare foot…in fact going bare foot is a great reminder that being in the presense of God is really important. It is where we get our feet washed and it is where we find what we need to replenish us for the next part of the journey.

Did you take your crown of favour off when we take off those shoes but forget to put the crown on again. Sometimes we take our crown off instead of our shoes. We take off the crown and the shoes because we prefer not to wear the shoes he has given us and it doesn’t feel right to wear the crwon without the shoes. We stop expecting the favour of God because we know that with it comes purpose and we would prefer to walk in our own shoes at the cost of the crown he has given us.

I love that when Esther was asked to put on her shoes of responsiblity and purpose she took a while to put them on…She weighed up the cost and even argued her case for not wearing them then she put them on? she knew those shoes may lead to her down the path of her own destruction. When she did put them on she did it knowing it could end her life. Fear was very real but she allowed the calling of that God and the Crown of she wore to gird her with courage and strength in spite of her fear of death. Esther was willing to die wearing those shoes because the crown didn’t look right without them.

Sisterhood weekly is not unlike the role I play with my kids…Today I am like your mum…`where are your shoes???’We need to GO, we don’t want to be late!!! ‘Each week you can choose to ignore that motherly reminder to get your shoes on or you can respond by finding your crown as well! Strap on your shoes…someone is waiting ….


One thought on “Favour is a Crown but where are your shoes?

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  1. Thanks, Jen, and ouch!! Your words struck a nerve. It’s hard to be holy when you’ve got kid/s sometimes. But that’s where the right shoes matter the most, showing them God’s Presence doing everyday life.
    Plus, no one should ever check your spelling – it’s too entertaining! Where do we go to get frogiveness????

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