Favour Thieves and Favour Envy

I love ‘Feeling the Favour’ Days…the days that everything is going my way and I can feel Favour…I don’t even have to pray for a car park but a car park is just where I need it. I head to the check out at peek hour and every line at the checkout’s is full… I walk up at just the right time and a girl opens up a new register and invites me to come on up. I go to the fridge and there is actually enough milk for me to have a coffee after all. I walk to the letter box and find the cheque I had been praying for. I look up to notice my lawn has been mowed and my magic cleaning lady has cleaned my house and cooked my tea……What I hate more than anything though, is the days when that happens to someone else …Don’t tell me you have never had ‘Favour Envy’ …when you are doing everything right and someone begins to share some amazing testimony of God’s favour and a pang of Favour jealousy hits you in the chest….weren’t you meant to be the next in line for this Favour thing???

The days this happened it is always a day when you feel like the ‘Favour thief’ came in the night and stole my portion of favour and gave it to my neighbour while I was sleeping.

I am learning to love those days. This year as I have dug deep in understanding and pursuing the favour of God, I am intrigued with the reality that Favour is not a feeling….it is something bestowed on us, it is something we walk in, it is something we must activate and live in, it is poured, stirred, activated, released, awakened, in time and seasonal. It is the days when I don’t feel Favour that I am having to stir my expectations and deal with my disappointments.

If disappointments have the capacity to sabotage our faith and cripple our ability to receive Favour then why do we allow it to dominate our lives define my responses. I have a great key to avoid disappointments: have no expectations. Do not hope for anything and do not live in the world of dreams, hopes, desires and purpose. The best way to protect your heart from disappointment is to lower your expectations. Faith lives in the realm of the supernatural and in our journey of discovering what the Favour of God is and how faith works then we must be prepared not only to deal with disappointments but also to learn to respond to disappointment in such a way that our faith is strengthened and our resilience and endurance is increased rather destroyed.

How has disappointment sabotaged your journey of faith and robbed you…robbed you of joy, strength, courage, purpose, fulfillment?

Joseph was in a pit, sold out by his brothers and almost killed…yet he was right in the centre of God’s will and He had the Favour of God on him. Joseph was sold out by Potiphar’s wife as a liar, a cheat and adulterer and yet right there the Favour of God was repositioning him towards the place God intended him to be in a future time. joseph was in prison for a possible 10 years …wondering if he will ever be remembered…I am sure he learnt in every shift he made, the reality of disappointment, and the feeling that the Favour thief had paid a visit. The Favour of God doesn’t always feel like it should It sometimes come packaged in a pit or a prison. Don’t let discouragement, disappointment and unfulfilled expectations distort your understanding of the Favour of God. Don’t let the Favour thief and Favour Envy rob your joy, your hopes and your confident expectations.

We know that Joseph still had expectations or he wouldn’t have said to the prisoner heading back to the castle…’ don’t forget me…remember me..when you get there…’. Don’t let the Favour thief convince you to give up, sell out, give in….This journey of Favour is so much more than a great parking spot and clear checkout… Be on the look out and don’t letter disappointment take up residence in the garden of your heart. It is a noxious weed that will choke the life out of you and inhibit your ability to flourish.


5 thoughts on “Favour Thieves and Favour Envy

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  1. This is true! Thank you Jen – what a gift you are to us. This is all about becoming mature in our faith and seeing the bigger picture that God is doing – even behind the scenes when we don’t necessarily recognise it yet. His plans for us are always filled with Favour, always good!

  2. Just what I needed to wake up to this morning ….. I felt a bit like the favor theif. Had payed me a visit and was feeling a little discouraged … Thanks for the kick in the pants 🙂

  3. I loved this Jen,and I love the story of Joseph. It’s so encouraging and inspiring.I remember you saying that “favour” is not always about everything going as we think it should,but God sees the things we don’t and has a bigger plan.

  4. Great one Jen. Thanks for your message a while ago about favour, I think it has helped me to open my eyes to the little things God does in our lives and has made me start becoming awhere of them! Also recognising that He is actually at work in our daily lives!!

  5. I love deep and honest perspectives. You are sharing a journey which shows maturity in faith. And yes, this is a journey. There are lots of different stages to every part of life but sharing them with each other is one of the biggest keys i have been able to unlock this year. So thanks Jen.

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