Favour of God with Jackie Koster

Hey ladies. I have asked some of the gorgeous and wise women of Hills to share something from their heart on the favour of God and how it applies to their lives. This week Jackie Koster is my guest blogger. As Steve has speaking about serving I thought Jackie blog was just what some of you need to hear, Jackie is married to Rick and has one son, Josh. She is actively involved in the life of our church as a Generate Leader amongst other things, but her greatest mission is the primary schools in which she reaches out to kids every week as a CRE teacher (Christian Religious Education). Jackies’ grestest gift to me personally has been her gift to encourage…to say just the right thing or write a card that will arrive in my mail box at just the right time to inspire, encourage and stir me in my personal faith and build courage into my life. Enjoy!


Service… Meaning….God’s Will

Deuteronomy 8:7 “For the Lord is bringing you into a good land, a land with streams and pools of water, with springs flowing….. you will lack nothing.”
Mid December last year I decided it was all too much. You know what I mean- after a busy year, capping it off by cramming so many things into the few weeks of December – finishing off commitments, going to three times as many functions, planning for Christmas, planning for holidays……
I decided it was all too hectic and that I was too old and too washed up! This thought hung over me like a grey cloud, oozing wishy washy failure feelings. So I asked God if I could give up teaching CRE(Christian Religious Education) at one of the two schools.
Whenever I pray and read the Bible about CRE, the same verses in all different parts of the Bible jump out at me, verses about springs of water in the desert, about the thirsty land being filled with streams of water. About the river of God that flows from the throne of God and from the Lamb. The thirsty lands are the children’s hearts in our State schools. Believe me, they are thirsty for God.
Well, this day I asked God if I could get away with doing less. Josh came in and I told him I was waiting for God to answer me. He offered to open the Bible at random and see what God said. He did, and he read the words above from Deuteronomy. I was a bit cheesed off! Didn’t God know how very tired I was? Couldn’t he see I felt like a dinosaur? God was clearly encouraging me to continue.
After our Women’s Flourish meeting in February, I still felt all washed up. I got home and opened the Bible and there it was again, I’d randomly opened to Revelation 22:1 which speaks of the River of God that flows from His Sanctuary, from the Father and from the Lamb.
To make a long story short, God kept encouraging me but even so, the feelings of failure didn’t go away. But we walk by faith and not by sight. God tells us to go forward, to go even when you feel afraid, or dispirited. In the going, God will strengthen you. He’ll use YOU. We don’t have to be the best or have all the answers but God is the best and He has all the answers. He just calls us to be obedient.
When Kimberley, our visiting speaker and Nutritionist, came to speak at our Church she called forward those who felt tired and weary. When she prayed for me her word from God was to laugh! Every time I felt weary. How funny is that. But you know what, it works!!!! God is so very wise. He cares so much about us and He is the solution to everything we’re going through.
I love God, he’s so all consuming-ly loving. He never ever gives up on us even if we give up on ourselves. He is our greatest fan, our encourager, our strength. He carries us high on his shoulders, we are precious to Him.
How amazing that we have the River of God, flowing from his sanctuary, his favour pouring over us and enabling us. Ps. Jenny keeps reminding us of God’s favour. The river of God is so wide, so deep. In Ezekiel 47:1 –12 it’s described as first ankle deep, then waist high, then so deep that we have to swim. This is God’s favour and presence all around us. His love surrounds you.
We’re swimming in God’s favour. It reaches and flows and touches other people we meet. We will not wither but flourish and bear fruit. This is what God will do if we surrender to Him and let him be God in our lives.
I was horrendously nervous about starting CRE, but of course, God was with me and I was amazed again at how hungry and thirsty the children are to hear about our God. I’m so thankful that I didn’t give up. I feel as fresh as a daisy again. How does God do that? I don’t know but I’m so glad he’s a miracle worker.
We are renewed day by day as we come to God and read His Word. You are the best God’s got for the job he’s got for you.
The most fulfilling place to be is right in the centre of his will.
Editor’s note: right in the centre of God’s will is what I would call: being POSITIONED FOR FAVOUR and it also has another name: Obedience.  Favour can’t be earnt but we can attract or re-tract it.

7 thoughts on “Favour of God with Jackie Koster

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  1. This is a really good read Jackie! I love hearing stories about how God speaks to us and gets our attention is different ways, and the way he has showed you. Isnt that great?! you are doing an amazing job and the young kids of today need more “Jackie CRE teachers” like you – full of the spirit, waiting on God, hearing his voice and a heart for these kids. Your heart shines through what you’ve written here. Good on you Jackie! I think God has an amazing plan – even for YOU through all this 🙂

  2. loved reading your story Jackie. Our God is so incredible, amazing, loving and forgiving, i love hearing about God and the streams of living water.so refreshing, invigorating, renewing. i love how we each come from a individual viewpoint, but all comes together for Gods purpose and Glory!!!

  3. Jackie, What an amazing testimony of God’s unfailing love and how he gave you word and confirmation after conformation that you were exactly where he has called you to be. Expect great things. How could you deny how amazing our living God is.

  4. Jackie,
    You really have touched a point in my life too! It is so hard to carry on when we are discouraged. But as you have so beautifully written we need to be in the centre of His will even if we feel discouraged by life. You have inspired me to carry on!!

  5. Thanks Jackie,

    You did a fantastic job in the production of the Kidsplay at Christmas and one would never have known how tired you were then – you just inspired me. I feel very touched by your honesty and openess and am hugely encouraged by your obedience and perseverence … the position for promise and provision and favour of God.

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