Colour Conference 2012, turning 40 and the Favour of God!

I turn 40 this week….and I started celebrating early by heading up to Sydney and spending time with my sister. We celebrated in style by heading into the city for the night and going to see the production of Annie. That was really special. I then got to join some of our Hills Girls at Colour Conference. Colour Conference is a women’s conference hosted by Bobbie Houston and Hillsong Church. Week 1 (of two conferences held back to back in Sydney) filled the Sydney Entertainment Centre and will be held in Capetown, London and Kiev over the next month. You can get a glimpse of it in pictures at the Colour Conference Blog . For those who went I would love you to note some of your favourite moments and highlights in the comments below so others can capture what you got out of it. For those who go for the first time it is breathtaking. For those who have been before it is like profoundly moving. Here are some thought I jotted down on teh plane as I headed home:

`On the first night there was such a great sense of expectation in my heart as I sat on the very back row waiting for Brooke Fraser to lead us out in worship. This spot was actually perfect for me as it gave me a panoramic view of the 11000 women who had sacrificed much to be there and had huge expectation for God to touch them. You can’t help but be moved by that many women worshipping Jesus and throughout the conference, I often found myself not singing, and not participating but simply looking around with eyes wide open at the beauty of unity found in those moments. Another highlight for me was the way the speakers framed the conference with words that Hills Girls are growing rather fond of…words like FLOURISH, NURTURE, SISTERHOOD and FAVOUR were expressed often throughout the weekend and we Hills girls were made to feel right at home. It also made me feel a sense of joy and expectation that I was in tune with what God is doing throughout the earth and maybe just maybe I had been hearing from God on your behalf. I am just as expectant about the coming months as I was about being at Colour as I know that it is in the context of my own world back in Melbourne that the seeds sown at colour will germinate and FLOURISH. I pray not so much that I will have clarity but rather that I will be obedient and surrendered to His plan for me and the women he has charged me to NURTURE’
Brian Houston stepped up on the first night and spoke about this year being a year of God’s favour and quoted this fantastic scripture about this year would be crowned with God’s goodness…..
Psalm 65:11 (New King James Version (NKJV))
11 You crown the year with Your goodness,
And Your paths drip with abundance

Priscilla Shirer and Beth Moore are two of my favourite speakers and they didn’t disappoint. Over the coming weeks I am looking forward to sifting through my journal and nurturing the seeds that were sown as they spoke.

May 31st: `How Beautiful The Feet’ – A Sisterhood Event

One of the main things that will be fleshed out from Colour, over the coming months will be the Sisterhood Projects. Four years ago God seeded in my heart, the challenge to get on board with the Colour Sisterhood and this year God continued to water those seeds and sow new ones. This year you will get to hear some of the exciting things we will be involved in that collectively will make a huge impact around the globe. . The Colour Conference is so much about the mandate to place value on humanity. This blog has the intent of motivating you to play you part in that mandate. It is not enough to just read a blog and be aware. It is so much more…it requires sacrifice and obedience.

I am looking for anyone who wants to give me a hand on the night but more importantly I hope that you heart is ready to step out and be all that God intended you to be. The message of favour is one that is tied closely with responsibility and purpose. If you would like to be involved in helping me launch Sisterhood 2012 in May then let me know. Don’t just sit back ….get involved. I need your help to make this night sensational and there are plenty of things you can be involved in…..if I ask you ….I do hope you will say YES.

ALSO……Favour, Favour, Favour…..

One of the things I have been doing this year is seeking out messages that are directly related to the Favour of God. I want to frame my world (and yours) with this integral message of the gospel and it requires some diligence to do so. I want to build this revelation of favour into my life this year so that it is strong and flourishes in my life and home ( and church). One of the messages I have been listening to this week is a sermon by Steve Furtick from Elevate church, in Charlotte (USA). Over the past couple of weeks he has been preaching at Life ChurchTV on …YEP: the Favour of God. If you get a chance to have a listen you will love these messages: Check them out here:

His Definition of the Favour of God is : The GUARANTEE of His presence and the PROVISION of His power to accomplish His special PURPOSE in and through my life.

Life ChurchTV also includes further study and resource> If you have time pull out your Bible and journal activate these truths in your heart by digging deeper:

By the time you read this I will be in the middle of a week of fun and celebrations. Birthdays are special but heading into a new decade presents with it a vast array of opportunities and challenges yet unknown. As I face this new decade it is simply with a prayer that I will live it purpose driven, by faith and not by sight with an overwhelming sense of the Favour of God: the guarantee of his presence and the provision of His power to accomplish HIS special purpose in and through my life. I hope that prayer is your prayer for each and every day you face.


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  1. Great blog Jen – we were all made very welcome and I was blessed being at Colour for the first time!
    I loved how dramatic Beth Moore was – who whispered over and over “Jesus is alive!”. Let us set our feet to dancing – we serve a living God! Death is not the end – there is a future life.
    (Suggestion – Read: Heaven is for Real & The Applause of Heaven)
    I could relate to Priscilla Shirer when she visually described that even when we are in over our head sometimes – God has given us goggles to see through to Salvation of the Lord and to be watchful for all the miracles along the way.
    Some quotes I liked…
    ”When you are bitten by a snake – don’t deal with the snake (it doesn’t know the consequences caused). Deal with the venom – with anti-venom (Forgiveness!)”.
    “People need believers to be real – not perfect”.
    “If you are walking with God – Let him do the talking”.

  2. It was a pretty incredible experience being with so many people worshipping God, I never quite got used to this, I kept wondering what it will be like in heaven. I really enjoyed all of the sessions. I am not sure who the speaker was, he spoke on our value and how God places importance on that and the unseen rather than the seen, and that we are His treasures; How God chose the least expected like David and others in the Bible. That He doesn’t look at the outward appearance. I like how someone else shared that God is fully in control, even if we go through a rough patch and everything is too much, that we should look at that and thank God that He is shielding us from the bigger things that “COULD BE”. That we are only experiencing a small portion of what we “SHOULD BE”, because he loves us so much and wants to protect us from the bigger things that “COULD BE” and to be thankful for that.
    Lastly… good times with the group of us who went 🙂

  3. Every time I go to Colour, I feel that another layer has been added. This year that happened again. Having been quite a few times now, I can see the journey that Colour has been on – the journey of knowing who we are in Christ and our value – and knowing that together we have work to do on this earth. Each of us, a small drop in an ocean – from a handful of women to a host of women. Together we are an ocean – a tsunami – a movement on the earth – equipped to bring hope and change to a lost world.

    A few points I noted from various speakers:

    Our lives are like gardens – we’re to be planted, to flourish, to be fruitful. Every part of us, see it as a vineyard – our heart, our marriage, our relationships, our church, the earth – all should be flourishing and maturing in Christ – bearing fruit into old age. Faithful, grounded, dependable. We are light and peace in a dark, peace-deprived world.

    Matthew 11:28 Come to Me all you who are weary and I will give you rest. To get to one destination you have to leave another. Don’t get tangled up in the temporary – and don’t dabble in doubt. Invest our energy in coming to Him, not resisting and doubting Him. Come away from gambling with His grace – don’t take advantage of His grace. You might not be where you want to be, but you’re sure not where you could be!

    Sisterhood – this is a global company of women making a difference in our world. We need to step into the gap and be the solution! Be planted in our local church – be comfortable there – settle your conviction, then the Spirit can move us forward. As a unified front, we can take back the territory the enemy has stolen. Use whatever is in your hand – do it with all your might! Be prepared to do whatever it takes – lay your life down and rise up! The reason we gather together – is to then transfer the power to our daily lives.
    What if today, we really believed we were forgiven? Washed whiter than snow? It’s time to believe God and give Him that respect! Imagine a Sisterhood, a church, where everyone is flourishing in their personal lives – flourishing, fruitful, comfortable in our own skin, comfortable in our season of planting, comfortable in our status! Together we thrive!

    A woman who knows who she is in Christ, is a dangerous force in this earth. It is all about giving God the glory!

    Totally loved the time with the girls too – much fun and laughter! A great investment into our lives. Totally Favoured!

  4. This is my first time to Colour. What did I love about Colour? I was inspired by so many young mummies love for God,coming along to the conference with their babies!! I loved being with 11,0000 women worshipping God. I wonder if this is similar to Angels in Heaven singing and praising the abundance of God’s love and Favour on each one of us……
    I loved every speaker’s message. So many pearls of wisdom and encouragement.
    Bobby Houston spoke often about The Favour of God. I never get sick of hearing that. I love that this IS the year of God’s Favour for each one of us.
    We were also told its not about what happens at the conference, but what we do with it when we return home. GO HOME AND FLOURISH because each one of us DOES make a difference.
    Before the conference, God had been saying to me, Rise up oh Woman of God.  Flourish in the strength of the Holy Spirit. Rise above circumstances. 
    And again, at Colour, I heard this over and over again. To me it’s like God’s favour has been cemented as a cornerstone in my life, and His Favour enables and allows us to Rise Up.
    One pearl from Beth Moore I loved was, “Jesus has not only delivered me from something, He has delivered me to something!!”   I am excited and expectant with what God is calling me to do
    Priscilla Shirra spoke on Luke 24:1, when disciples walking along the road to Emmaus, Jesus was with them, but they didn’t recognize Him, as they were too focused on events instead of the riches of God.
    God wants to seal in us the truth, the belief  that He is with us ALWAYS!
    2Corinthians 4:16. “Therefore do not lose heart, even though our outward man is perishing, yet the innerward man is being renewed day by day.”
    God puts more value on what is not seen than what is seen; on what is within, instead on the outward.
    My life is a temple of the Holy Spirit

    1. I love each post each beautiful girl has made. I love how we each bring away different points, but with the same great purpose. We are honored to have Jenny Mazey as a great ambassador of God’s, who leads and encourages each of us with incredible strength and tenacity. I could
      go on and on but that’s it

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