You are the Favour Factor

Over the past couple of weeks if you had been listening closely you might have heard me mention this word FAVOUR. As this blog is not about you as much as it is about pushing you out of your cushy world inot the needy world of others I want to ask you a question: Who in your life are you showing favour? We so often get caught up in our own desire for favour that we forget that we are favoured for purpose. We are favoured in order to show favour. This year as God is going to reveal his favour to you, so too he is going to use YOU to reveal his Favour to others.

Proverbs 16:15 says …………..his favor refreshes like a spring rain. This scripture is confronting because it challenges me to consider if what I am doing for others and to others can be considered refreshing like a spring rain…

My kids make me laugh. They are so used to experiencing the favour of their Father that they think it is a right and as a parent it can be intriguing to listen to their hearts express both gratitude and expectation. But as a parent it is important to show them the difference between living favoured and demanding favours. I reckon God must feel a bit the same. When we demand favours without understanding his Favour we miss the point of it all together. Favour, rather than favours, provides us with a sense of honour, respect and gratitude and deep understanding about the nature of God.

One area that God is going to reveal his favour to you this year is through his provision. One of God’s Hebrew names is Jehovah Jireh which literally means –the Lord will provide. . One of the ways God is going to reveal his favour to others is by you providing for them. But what if you were the person that is meant to show them God’s favour through provision. You can be a channel of blessing to someone and provide for a need and in doing so reveal God’s favour to them.


  1. Ask God who? Is there someone he wants you to favour with provision?
  2. Ask him what it is they need and expect him to favour you with an answer. If it is a meal…you can provide favour by providing a meal; a word of encouragement, a gift card or paying a bill; write a card or leave a note or scripture in their letter box; they may need a word of wisdom or even some of your time. What about your patience? What about your forgiveness or even your apology? What about hope or a listening ear? What about showing them favour simply because you get what the favour of God is about.
  3. Obey…don’t just hear this and think what a great concept…the only way this is going to work is if you act on it and let God get the credit not you.

In providing for them you become a conduit of God’s favour into their situation. You’ll find this one easy when you grasp the favour of God for youJ


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  1. beautiful nourishing exhortation Jen, you have a gift with words darling, really edifying message, thank you so much for taking the time to write your blog. xxx Francesca woman of favour

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