Walk For The Kids

Late last year I remember Beverly Hughes (one of our gorgous Hills Chicks) sharing an idea she had with Steve that she wasn’t even sure about herself. It was an idea to take a walk from Sydney to Melbourne for a cause.  I have watched her take this small seed of an idea and nurture it, feed it, plan and prepare for it physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  I have watched her keep herself accountable for her decisions and gather a team and netwrok of support to undergird her and I have watched God’s faithfulness as she has walked by faith through every possible obstacle. I love how God proves he is faithful and over this past year I have seen bev prove His faithfulness on so many levels.

This weekend is the last weekend Bev and Juni are with us before they head out for their long walk from Sydney to Melbourne  to Walk For the Kids ( The Dalit Kids that is) so I thought I would give you a chance to hear from Bev herself. Please pray for them as they embark on something they have never done before.

Bev writes:

 I am looking really forward to walking next week from Melbourne to Sydney. I am amazed at how everything has come together from just a small thought in my mind how it can become where it is now.

Late last year I was laying in bed and felt to do something different and to step out of my comfort zone and do something that will help someone else. I was getting very comfortable with my normal way of living and just come out of a hard time adjusting back to life from living in India for a few years and spending most of my life travelling. It was the first time I had ever been planted anywhere and stay put in one place.

I realised that I can become complacent this way and get cozy with the comforts of life and live like everyone else and settle into this way of life in Australia. My intentions were to get the focus of myself and place it on someone else and seeing the needs that they have, rather than what I was needing in life. With these thoughts, I was thinking I am a healthy person with two feet and legs and why not use them to help someone else and raise awareness and support for them.

I had already participated in Go The Extra Mile 50km endurance walk, and loved everything about it, and noticed how it was changing peoples lives. I wanted to be part of changing people lives and do something a little further.

It was not easy stepping out into something that I had never seen done before, and wondering what other people would think of me! I spend many weeks trying to get the courage to tell just one person and the process repeated itself over again until finally I couldn’t care less what people thought and realised this is about God, others and changing peoples lives: something we were created to do.

God was a massive part in all of this. I have spent so much time seeking him and praying about this and making sure He will help me with it. I felt like God was saying to step out and His grace is sufficient for me, that His power is going to be made perfect in my weakness. I felt him say that with man this is impossible – but with God all things are possible. I have so many weaknesses that I can easily share with everyone, but if God is going to be made perfect in them, I am pretty happy about that!

As time went by, I started to learn about the Dalit untouchable children in India, and felt deeply sorry and concerned for them. I can see that God has worked in my heart with a deep love for these kids and I empathise with them enough to speak on their behalf. Many of them are born into a world with no rights, they are born into a world where no one listens to them. Many are raped and sold into prostiution before the age of 8. This is reality – this is happening today. Many of their parents fell pregnant in the context of prostitution, and this is a viscious cycle that has happened for hundreds of years. Their parents have no rights and are chosen to do detestable jobs like sweeping the streets all day, cleaning sceptic tanks (no technology to help them) by hand and worse jobs. Many parents don’t know what to do when they have a child and they know that the child is going to have the same fate as them, so they have been known to throw them on the train tracks, or put them on a train, or even sell their kids in desperation of a better life, that is better than what they can provide. This is wrong and unjust! I believe that once we know something about these autrocities, we are responsible to do something about it.

I am looking forward to doing something about it. I am going to walk from Sydney to Melbourne and raise awareness and funds to rescue as many kids out of this plight as I can. Juni Hoel is walking with me for the whole time. We also have a team – Daryl Lynch, Callum Stanford, Jenny Cater, Kevin & Sally Palmer and Stacey Fox.

I am so amazed about how when you step out into the unknown and it is in line with God’s heart, he really shows up and provides everything. There have been so many miracles along the way. We have several sponsors on board. For some time we have have been in need of a support vehicle. Just this week we have been given our support vehicle and a trailer and we leave next week. It’s just incredible and I am constantly in awe of God’s goodness and am overwhelemed with gratitude and thanks to Him. I have cried many tears of how great God is and how he can take a small thought and do something amazing with it in so many ways and change lives even in the process of making this dream come a reality.

You can read their blog posts at   http://www.walkforthekids.net/ .
You can stay updated with how they are going by following thier facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/walkforthekids. 
If you would like to donate you can by going directly to http://www.walk4charity.com/walkforthekids


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